4 advice Andrea would give her younger self


Let yourself inspire by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph’s 4 advice for her younger self. ​
Andrea Rudolph i solen

1. Enjoy everything, always 

“A thing I commonly forgot as a young woman was to see the beauty in everything and how you are to enjoy things for what they are in this exact moment. Everything is everchanging, including the body, the skin and your appearance. I forgot to appreciate my body and my big apple cheeks and to actually reflect on my wellbeing. That I’m in good health – something as simple as that. I think many forget to pause and take it all in during their young years, where everything is in speed-mode. Though in retrospect I’d have let go of the gas pedal once in a while to appreciate everything for exactly what it was.”

2. Avoid what’s harmful

“How I wish that I’d been more aware about harmful chemicals in my younger days. And I wish I could have pulled myself by the collar, showing young Andrea the blood test result I received in 2006 – the terrifying reality that my blood was contaminated with substances suspected of being harmful, when I was only 30 years old. It’s such a serious topic that still frightens me today. Luckily, we all grew wiser and the blood test became my incentive for founding Rudolph Care.” (red. read Andrea’s entire story here

3. Less is more 

“The mantra ‘the more the merrier’ was one I lived by as a young woman. I bought stuff that I only used a single time, shamefully. If I could, I would have advised myself to think ‘less is more’ instead. It came with time though, when it came to my attention how reckless my consumption was and how little of me it actually would require changing it. I spend neither less nor more money now than I did back then, but I buy less, though more expensive things of quality. I love it when I can feel responsibility and carefulness in the things I prioritize now. The joy it brings me also lasts longer because the products simply live longer.”

Andrea Rudolph i Brasilien

4. Remember sun protection 

“One final advice for my younger self would be a reminder that sun protection is incredibly important. When I was young, I was so bad at both buying and using sunscreen. To me sun protection was only associated with vacations closer to the southern hemisphere, though how would I have loved if I had been more careful. The skin never forgets a sun burn – the skin cells are harmed and never fully restored. It’s unbelievably important and still a topic way too many people are yet to acknowledge the importance of, sadly.”



Andrea ♥

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