5 fall skincare tips


The season has changed and the temperature follows suit (at least that’s what’s happening in Denmark). To many people this means changes in their skin and reconsidering the skincare routine. Maybe you’re experiencing dryness, tenseness, redness or outbreaks. No matter your condition, it’s time to embrace the season and your skin’s need for balance. And for that we’ve gathered five tips:


1. A moisture-retaining cleanser

Dehydrated skin is a thing once more and therefore it’s a good reason to shift over to a facial cleanser that both rinses, nourishes and moisturizes. These are the properties of Acai Cleansing Milk that strengthens the skin’s elasticity and harmonizes with its high levels of especially olive and jojoba oil. 

2. Protect with serum

Dress your skin well after cleansing with serum underneath your face cream. Our two serums both work as protecting helpers that retains moisture in the skin. Go for  Instantly Smoothing Serum if you dream of instantly smooth skin. Or go for Firming Perfector Serum that’s especially rich in hyaluronic acids if your skin needs intense hydration and firmness. 

Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream til stresset hud

3. Calming, harmonizing face cream

The ultimate fall skincare for your face would be Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream. As its name indicates, it holds the ability to destress the skin. Many experience stressed-out skin from the changing temperatures in the fall from cold to heating system warmth – and that you can embrace with this cream. Especially chamomile and coneflower are the active, calming ingredients that Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream boasts. 

4. A face mask from time to time

Care a little extra for your skin from time to time with a face mask. Acai Facial Scrub Mask fits into the majority of beauty shelves. Apply the mask with circular movements and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Exploit the waiting time if you’re the busy type, or sit down with a cup of tea if you have plenty of time. If your skin’s too sensitive for exfoliation, or if you dream of a mask that don’t need rinsing off, go for Acai Body Balm as a face mask during the night. The rich balm lets you wake up with fully moisturized, soft skin from the high levels of oils, shea butter and beeswax. 

5. Rich body treatment

Your body care might also need extra power through fall – and that you can do in many ways. We love spicing up our body lotion with some body oil, though we also have faith in the healing effect of Acai Body Balm for the entire body. No matter the season, we’d also recommend exfoliating your body regularly. This gives the skin optimal abilities to fully absorb the nourishment from your skincare. Use Acai Body Scrub over your entire body once a week and sense how it both moisturizes and softens the skin. 

Intensiv pleje til huden fra Acai Body Balm

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