A classic in a new dress

Last time we launched Acai Body Lotion Limited Edition it was so beautifully welcomed. Therefore, we launch it once again in a new, stunning, and abstract design. Acai Body Lotion Limited Edition - økologisk og svanemærket body lotion fra Rudolph Care

Acai Body Lotion is one of Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph’s absolute favourite products in the Rudolph Care collection. It’s a classic that you never want to run out of. The nourishing lotion is packed with natural ingredients of the finest quality to keep your skin soft and moisturized all day long – without leaving a greasy residue. And naturally, it’s certified with the Norcic Swan Ecolabel and Cosmos.

The print and design of the beautiful packaging was created by Andrea's sister, textile and print designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph. The print abstractly illustrates the universe of Rudolph Care. Cecilie was partly inspired by the colours of the acai berry from the rainforest of Brazil and how you apply Rudolph Care products layer by layer on your skin.

Acai Body Lotion suits all skin types, but it’s especially developed with dry skin in mind. Therefore, it’s extra good on dry, sensitive, and damaged skin. 

”I’m always a bit sad when my Acai Body Lotion runs out. And I’m not alone in that. It absorbs quickly, moisturizes, and has a sublime long-lasting effect that keeps my skin drenched in moisture all day long. It’s now available in a 400 ml version that will (almost) never run out and I know it’ll make many of you very happy. Acai Body Lotion is pure everyday luxury. The new, gorgeous design was created by my sister, Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph. I’m thrilled to have it on my bathroom shelve and I’m looking forward to using it every day”

- Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

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