A cooling and repairing final

Everyone knows that protecting your skin in the sun is important, but many forget the following skin care after a long day in the sun. Warm and sun-kissed skin often needs calming and cooling care and for that, after sun is your best friend. 

Douse your skin and let it rest 
Your skin needs care after the sun has left its mark. Maybe the skin had too much sun, or maybe it’s just warm and needs to be ‘put out’. Either way After Sun Repair Spray lets your skin recover while calming and nourishing it. After Sun Repair Spray is among other things rich on aloe vera, which soothes and alleviates, cucumber extract which has antiinflammatory properties, and argan extract which adds nourishment, moisture, and a vitamin boost to your skin. Spray After Sun Repair Spray over your entire body, let it absorb and potentially follow up with a body lotion, balm or oil – it makes the skin beautiful and supple. 

Another excuse for glitter
It’s no secret that we’re crazy about golden glitter, and therefore we obviously also have an after sun which brings glow and glitter to the warm summer legs. After Sun Shimmer Sorbet is for you who’s always looking for an excuse for golden glitter. It soothes, nourishes, and repairs your warm summer skin with natural active ingredients from among other strawberries, mulberries, and aloe vera. 

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