A Danish guide to hygge!

Hygge [pronounced hoo-ga] is more of a phenomenon that an actual thing. It is a feeling, an atmosphere and something the Danes value very high. Here is a (incomplete) list of suggestions to create hygge at home – and a book to tell you more about it.


1. Candlelight

Nothing can create hygge in an instant more than candles. The warm light and moving flame can create an atmosphere electric light just can’t compete with. We only use candles of pure candle wax (not paraffin) with the Nordic Eco – to ensure that the candles are as pure as possible. There are lots of lifelike electric “candles” that does not smoke the least – they are a good alternative if you often like to have a lot of candles lit.


2. Bake something

It is cosy to spend some time baking goodies to enjoy later. The process of making something from scratch can be very satisfying and distressing – and the smell of freshly baked goods is just lovely. If flour and dishes sound too awful then have the baker make you something – then you can make the tea and find the jam instead. Enjoy!

3. Care for yourself

Hygge doesn’t have to involve food (but very often it does…). It can also be some time you spend on caring for yourself. Something that makes you happy – or your skin happy. Pull your hair back, put on a good facial mask and read a magazine or watch Netflix while the mask does it wonders.


4. Draw a footbath

You can also extend the cosiness with a footbath. It is distressing, relaxing and you will get lovely, soft feet. Add a few drops of Body Oil to the hot water – it will prevent the skin in drying out – and then massage a generous layer of Hand Cream onto the feet afterwards (or even better make your other half do it).


5. Read aloud

Turn of the telly and read a book instead. If you are not alone, then read it aloud for your loved ones. Reading aloud creates a special space of concentration and free flowing fantasy, and it is not just your kids that loves it. If you like listening to podcasts, you know why. The concept is the same – except it is you with the magic voice.

6. Fresh linen

Put on some fresh linen on the bed, have an early night and enjoy the feeling of lots of time and crisp bedding. Read a book, talk with your loved one or allow yourself the luxury of scrolling through Instagram until your eyes are sore. If it is too difficult to go to bed early (and believe us, it can be!) then spend a Saturday morning having breakfast in bed. Complete with lots of newspapers and crumbling croissants.


7. The book about Hygge

If you need more tips about how to hygge, then the little book HYGGE can guide you. It is written by Meik Wiking – the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (yes, really!) – and is packed with explanations and solid suggestions how to hygge. His point is that hygge is the secret ingredient that makes the Danes are the happiest nation in the world.


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