A gift for the sunscreen shoppers


.. buy two sun products and we’ll add a glowing gift to your order. Read more here. Aftersun med naturligt guldglimmer - Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet fra Rudolph Care

Through May 2019 we’ll be welcoming summer with a golden gift. If you shop a minimum of two full size sun care products we’ll be adding our golden and cooling Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet (value DKK 225 / 31 EUR) to your order when shopping at www.rudolphcare.com

Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet is a cooling aftersun product; rich in active, natural ingredients that both nourishes and soothes your skin optimally after a day in the sun. Among other, you’ll find strawberry extract that cleanses skin with a high level of magnesium and calcium, mulberries that contain powerful antioxidants and have calming qualities, and aloe vera that gives a cool and alleviating feel. Coconut oil and shea butter work as skin softeners adding moisture to your skin. 

With a light and delicate texture, Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet feels like cooling sorbet on warm, sunkissed skin. Furthermore, it’ll leave a golden touch on your skin enhancing a beautiful glow. 

This offer is combinable with the purchase of any two full size sun products from our Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, award-winning sun series for both kids and grownups - through the entire month of May 2019. 

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Andrea & Rudolph Care ♥

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