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A Hint of Summer - selvbruner til naturlig glød fra Rudolph Care

What is A Hint of Summer?  

A Hint of Summer is certified organic, Nordic Swan ecolabeled coloring drops that easily transform your favorite cream or oil into a luscious sunless tanner, making it easy for you to build and maintain gorgeous bronze radiance on both face and body – completely without the sun. The drops contain aloe vera to nourish and add moisture, antioxidant-rich acai berry extract and natural DHA molecule to ensure an even, healthy color.

How do I use A Hint of Summer? 

Simply blend A Hint of Summer drops with your own cream or oil. Pump the recommended number of drops into your favorite cream or oil and blend them together in the palms of your hands. We recommend building the color gradually to achieve a beautiful and natural result.

How many drops should I blend into my cream or oil? 

If your skin is very pale, we recommend starting with 1 drop (1 pump) for your face. For the body, you can begin with blending 2 drops of A Hint of Summer with your usual application of body lotion.

If you have a medium skin tone, we recommend starting with 2 drops (2 pumps) for your face. For the body, you can begin with blending 4 drops of A Hint of Summer with your usual application of body lotion.

If your skin tone is dark, we recommend that you start with 3 drops (3 pumps) for your face. For the body, you can begin with blending 6 drops of A Hint of Summer with your usual application of body lotion.


Use A Hint of Summer with Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream, Acai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer and Acai Facial Oil or Acai Body Lotion and Acai Body Oil.

Can A Hint of Summer be used on both my face and body?

Yes! A Hint of Summer is a sunless tanning product created to give both your face and body a gorgeous glow and a natural-looking, flawless tan.

Can I use A Hint of Summer on its own?

The product can be used on its own, but be aware that it can be a bit more difficult to achieve even color distribution. If you do use the drops on their own it may result in a deeper color, so be careful. You may want to do a patch test first somewhere on your body that is not usually visible and await the results before you decide to use A Hint of Summer on its own.

How quickly does the product absorb into the skin?

The product absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy or sticky, but it leaves the surface of the skin moist.

How much color does A Hint of Summer give?

A Hint of Summer leaves your skin with a gorgeous, golden tone – neither too dark nor orange. The color level you achieve builds upon your natural skin tone and varies depending on how many drops you use. That’s why we recommend that you use the number of drops that matches your natural skin tone. If you prefer a more intense color, you can easily build your tan by adding one or two extra pumps of A Hint of Summer with a repeat treatment in the next few days.

How often should I use A Hint of Summer?

It depends on the color level you wish to achieve. We recommend that you build your tan gradually and wait a few days between applications.

How long will the color last?

One application of A Hint of Summer typically lasts for 2-3 days. After that, it’s necessary to repeat the treatment and blend additional drops with your favorite cream or oil.

How can I make the color last longer?

You can make the color last longer and get a more even result if you thoroughly prepare the skin before application. Get your skin ready for a bronze summer glow with gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating the face and body helps boost cellular renewal and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin with an even surface and enabling it to absorb moisture and color more easily. You can also maintain your gorgeous A Hint of Summer glow for even longer by moisturizing your skin both morning and evening. 

When should I use A Hint of Summer? 

You can use A Hint of Summer all year round and pamper your skin with a healthy summer glow that you can easily match with your own skin tone. A Hint of Summer is especially fabulous for the first days of summer when your winter-pale legs are seeing daylight for the first time, or if you want to maintain a tan after your holidays.

And we all know what it’s like to want a little extra glow for a special event or party. It’s a good idea to build your color gradually, so if you’re going to a party on Saturday, start your treatment on Thursday.

How long will it take to see visible results on the skin?

Skin differs in its ability to accept and react to the color molecule DHA. But the color generally begins to develop between 2-4 hours after application. A good tip is to apply A Hint of Summer before bedtime so the color has time to develop and absorb overnight. You’ll wake up with a fresh, sun-kissed summer glow.

How soon can I take a shower after using A Hint of Summer? 

The product will wash off and disappear if you take a shower soon after application. Since the color often must develop on the skin for between 2-4 hours prior to obtaining a visible result, we recommend that you wait the same number of hours after application before taking a shower.

Can I sunbathe and get a tan even though I’m using A Hint of Summer?

You certainly can! A Hint of Summer gives your skin a beautiful, natural glow that simply boosts your own skin tone – even if you’re getting a tan from the sun’s rays. A Hint of Summer is especially suitable for those first sunny days at the beach when you may dream of achieving a golden glow before it comes naturally from the sun. However, the product does not offer protection against the sun’s harmful UVA or UVB rays, so you must always remember to use sunscreen when you are in the sun – with or without A Hint of Summer!

We recommend using a sun care product from our ecolabeled collection for both face and body containing SPF 15, 30 and 50.

Should A Hint of Summer be mixed with a Rudolph Care product?

You can use A Hint of Summer in your own personal favorite skincare products! If you already have a favorite cream or oil, simply add the recommended number of drops to the product.

Is there a difference in using A Hint of Summer with cream or oil?

Both cream and oil give excellent results on the skin. But it can take a little extra patience if you choose to mix the drops with oil. Since both oil and A Hint of Summer have a liquid texture, it can be more difficult to ensure an even distribution of the product. So give yourself good time if you are using oil and apply the mixture with long, smooth strokes across the body, making sure to carefully massage the mixture all over your face.

How does A Hint of Summer smell on the skin?

A Hint of Summer has a delicate and natural fragrance which is maintained when the drops come into contact with the skin. A Hint of Summer is enriched with our characteristic signature fragrance, just like the majority of our products, and therefore you won’t experience the odor that traditional self-tanners are often associated with.

How many applications do I need to build color?

You can easily build up a beautiful color with A Hint of Summer, but be aware that it takes patience to achieve a deep, sun-bronzed tone. Start with blending the recommended number of drops with your cream or oil and wait for your result. The final color level will be visible in approximately 2-4 hours, but we recommend that you allow the product to develop overnight for the best results. You can then repeat the treatment as often as you wish.

What causes the skin to change color? 

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a naturally derived color molecule found in plant, animal and human cells. Its self-tanning effect is due to the coloration of the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis). DHA reacts with proteins, peptides and amino acids in the epidermis to generate brown polymers, called melanoidins, which lend the skin an even, golden color. DHA is natural and plant-based.

How can I avoid dark streaks, edges and spots?

In order to avoid color irregularities it is important to prepare the skin before applying A Hint of Summer. Begin your treatment with a gentle exfoliation of both face and body to give your skin the best foundation for a smooth, even result.

Self-tanner tends to settle and build up in dry skin areas. So it can be helpful to use a bit of cream or oil on dry areas such as elbows, knees and heels before using A Hint of Summer. This will make it a lot easier to apply the product evenly and this little tip will prevent dark spots so you achieve a beautiful result.

After applying the mixture to your face, you can also prevent irregularities by dabbing your jawline, eyebrows and hairline with a dry cotton pad to remove excess product.

Apply the product with long, smooth strokes whenever possible across the entire body to avoid streaks, edges and dark spots.

What do I do if I get dark streaks or stains?

No need to panic. If, despite careful application (and washing your hands after use), you still experience color irregularities on your skin, you can remedy the situation. A shower will naturally remove some of the color, but it probably won’t be enough. Use a gentle scrub product and exfoliate carefully but thoroughly on moistened skin in the darker area. The result should be significantly improved after exfoliation. Remember also to moisturize your skin thoroughly as this will make the result more natural-looking and eliminate visible traces of streaks or stains.

A little extra tip – you can also eliminate streaks/stains by using pure lemon, which can actually tone down the color.

Will A Hint of Summer stain my hands?

Yes. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after having applied A Hint of Summer – try out our peeling hand soap, Exfoliating Soap. Make sure to be extra careful around the knuckles and between your fingers, as excessive product may hide there. 

I have pigment spots – can I use A Hint of Summer? 

This is a question we receive quite a lot, though unfortunately it’s a question that’s hard to answer. Pigment spots is a skin condition that can be incredibly different from person to person, and therefore we are not able to give an extensive answer. The skin condition may be caused by many different things – some get it from sun damages, others from hormones, while many others get it from entirely different sources. The moisture balance in your skin is also a big factor – some experience that the pigment spots are severely dry, and for those persons it may be difficult to obtain an even skin tone with A Hint of Summer. Our experience tells us that some find great pleasure in using A Hint of Summer on skin with pigment spots, while others find it hard and almost impossible to obtain an even result – our best advice is to try your way and find out what’s best for you.  

How do I tone down A Hint of Summer?

If the color has turned out a tad too dark for your liking, you can tone it down by giving your skin a gentle exfoliation with a scrub product. Exfoliating your skin helps boost cellular renewal and remove dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. But be careful not to rub too hard – even gentle exfoliation will reduce the color.

Try Acai Facial Scrub Mask and Acai Body Scrub.

Does A Hint of Summer stain/transfer onto clothes and fabrics?

The color in A Hint of Summer develops as it comes in contact with your skin and generally adds color only to your skin. But there is a small risk that the product can transfer color onto fabric. You can avoid clothing stains by allowing the product to fully absorb into the skin before putting on your clothes. We also recommend that you use A Hint of Summer in your night cream or oil, which allows the product to develop and absorb overnight so it won’t stain your clothes the next day. You may want to place a towel over white or light-colored pillows to ensure that the product does not transfer onto your bedding. If staining does occur, we recommend that you wash your clothes or bedding according to the laundry instructions.

How long should I wait to get dressed after applying A Hint of Summer?

We recommend that you allow the product to absorb into the skin before continuing with your day and getting dressed. Optimal results are achieved by allowing the product to absorb for 20 minutes before putting on clothes. You can use A Hint of Summer overnight as part of your evening beauty routine so the product has time to develop and absorb into the skin. You’ll wake up with a fresh, sun-kissed summer glow.


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