A Hint of Summer – 50 ml organic summer glow

We’re moving towards the end of a warm summer, and maybe you already feel that your tan has faded a bit? Don’t worry – it’s easy to (re)build with our award-winning A Hint of Summer.  Organic, ecolabelled, and natural self tanner from Rudolph Care - perfect for your summer glow

Self-tanner has some delightful advantages;

1) It gives you a tanned look while you completely avoid the harmful UVA- and UVB-rays of the sun.

2) You can easily adjust how tanned you want to look

A Hint of Summer is a triple award-winning, organic self-tanner, which gives a golden glow and makes it easy to build a sunkissed-looking tan. 

Svanemærket, økologisk og naturlig selvbruner fra Rudolph Care - perfekt til din sommerglød

A Hint of Summer is self-tanning drops for both face and body. Mix it with your usual body lotion or oil – and with your day and/or night cream depending on when you choose to use A Hint of Summer

Plenty of moisture is crucial for an even result. Mix the drops in with your daily skin care between your hands before applying it, and make an effort to apply it evenly. Use A Hint of Summer 2-3 days in a row and follow up as needed. 

Remember to wash your hands after use, and be extra gentle and thorough around eyebrows, hairline, ankles, elbows, and knees. 

A Hint of Summer gives your skin a gorgeous glow, while it contains caring, natural, and organic acai oil and aloe vera, which all at once takes good care of your skin. Read more tips and tricks to using the our ecolabelled selftanner here.

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