A little tip for your skin’s moisture balance

The warm summer breeze is retiring, and to many this means thirstier skin. Read on, when we tell about how Aftersun Repair Spray can help your skin’s moisture balance on its way into the newly arrived autumn. 

Aftersun Repair Spray is for many a summer product for sun-kissed skin, but we have a tip, which makes it a moisturising tool all year round. Use Aftersun Repair Spray after showering – before you apply your body lotion, oil or balm.

The cooling mist will work as a moisturising base on your skin with help from, among other, argan extract. Argan extract is rich on nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, which ensures your skin a moisty glow. You can even use Aftersun Repair Spray as a moisturising finish on top of your daily body care. 

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