A refreshing and hydrating tip

Enjoying the summer heat? We are, and we love it, but sometimes we need a cooling refresher. Mist Delight er den lækreste økologiske opfrisker året rundt - læs med når vi deler et kølende tip til ansigtsmisten

Maybe you already know our moisturising mist, Mist Delight? Either way, this is what it’s all about today. Mist Delight is the perfect refresher all year round, and especially on a hot summer day. Though, we know a trick to make it an even fresher experience; keep it chilled. 

Bring Mist Delight with you to the beach in a cooler bag or keep it in your fridge at home. We also love having one for sharing in our fridge at the Rudolph Care office. 

Mist Delight features ginger, which effectively reduces free radicals to protect the skin from pollution, as well as honey, which naturally attracts and retains moisture. And it’s available in a nice and practical travelsize

Mist Delight er god til at opfriske, nedkøle og give masser af fugt på varme sommmerdage
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