A silky soft gift from us to you


We'll add the Rudolph Care classic, Acai Body Oil, to all orders of 135€

Kropsolie fra Rudolph Care

One of the best things about birthdays is gifts, so through the entire month of February we’ll be adding a silky soft and nourishing Rudolph Care classic, Acai Body Oil, to all webshop orders of or above 995 DKK / 135 EUR.

Do you know Acai Body Oil?

If not, you’re in for a true luxury treat.

Blødgørende, fugtgivende og plejende kropsolie fra Rudolph Care

Acai Body Oil consists of no less than five different oils. They all have different properties that contribute with different feels and results on your skin. For example, acai oil is exceptionally rich in antioxidants that revitalize the skin, adding new life and glow. The jojoba oil has a special composition that matches the skin’s own sebum lipid - this allows it to penetrate the skin effectively and strengthen its natural elasticity.

Besides the cold-pressed oils from olive, jojoba, sweet almond, acai and a carefully composed vegetable oil, Acai Body Oil is but added a tiny bit of vitamin E and our natural signature scent.

Use the body oil on its own, mixed with your body lotion or together with your self-tanning drops from A Hint of Summer. Acai Body Oil is also the ideal massage oil and bath oil – with its delicate scent and moisture retaining properties it transforms your time in the tub into a tiny haven of luxury.

We’re looking forward to celebrating another year of sustainable luxury with you – and we hope that you’ll fall just as heavily in love with your new body oil as we did 10 years ago. 

Andrea & Rudolph Care

This campaign is valid through the month of February 2020 while stocks last. 

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