A simple tip for dry skin


Some see their facial cream fall short, when the dehydrating chill, wind and sudden temperature shifts of winter are sneaking in. And what to do then? 

Ansigtsolie - Rudolph Care

The answer is simple: You enrich your facial cream and skincare routine with a nourishing, moisture retaining oil. ​Mix a single drop of Acai Facial Oil with your favorite facial cream and feel how it contributes with “that extra something”. We love to combine the winter hero, Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream, with the dark, glow boosting drops from the facial oil. 

Acai Facial Oil is pure, organic acai oil that’s but added a tiny bit of vitamin E and Rudolph Care’s signature scent. The oil is cold-pressed and therefore extremely rich in antioxidants from vitamins and minerals that both protect and rebuild your skin. 

We hope that you and your skin will glow all through winter – and remember, it’s soon to be over. Spring is here before we know it ♥

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