A softening gift

We’ve said it before and now we say it again: Skin care products are not just for standing on the bathroom shelf; they’re meant for using! We dream of seeing all our products spread care and joy, and therefore we have a special surprise for you.

Body Balm fra Rudolph Care


Throughout September we’re adding our popular Acai Body Balm (value 425 DKK) as a gift to all Danish orders above 500 DKK – as long as stocks last. The balm is best before October – but we would love to see it pamper your skin throughout autumn. 

Body Balm is pure luxury for your skin. Five different, organic oils and soft shea butter is the combination, which is especially good for dry skin. The texture is soft as butter, the scent is characteristic, and the result is moisturized, flexible, and glowing skin – wherever you choose to apply it. 

Rudolph Care Body Balm 145ml til tør hud

Andreas Elisabeth Rudolph's tip 

Mix your own moisturising face mask 


“Body Balm is for more than just the body. Many of our Rudolph Care customers, and ourselves, use the balm as a night cream or night mask, because it makes the skin so silky soft and smooth. You can use the balm on its own or mix your own mask:

Mix Body Balm with Anti-ageing Serum and Facial Oil and get a mask that bring an extreme amount of moisture to your skin – it’s a true beauty booster for your skin, now that the weather is changing. The rich texture along with the pure, velvet-soft acai oil from Facial Oil and the light gel-texture from the serum gives you the loveliest face mask. Apply the mask and let it absorb completely. It shouldn’t be rinsed off, so use it at night, where the balm and the oils have the chance to absorb thoroughly. The other active ingredients from, among other, acai, shea butter, spirulina, jojoba, and apricot seed oil all work together in a special synergy, where they firm, smooth, and boost your thirsty skin.”

- Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph 

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