A tiny Sunday tip

You are not alone if you fell like January and February seem double as long as every other month of the year. Andrea has a strategy and does everything she can to fill up the months will all things good (read about it here) – but she has another trick as well which is very important to her. She makes sure always to have some sort of fun thing planned to look forward to. Sometimes it is a full holiday with the family, other times it is just an overnight love trip to another city. But it can also be a day off with a girlfriend where the time is spend in a day spa, or at the movies or just having a lovely lunch at a café.

The little break from your everyday grind is the trick here – to let you recharge the batteries and return with more energy.

Andrea just went to London. All alone. The days were spent visiting friends, shopping in Liberty and eating (really) delicious food. For February she has booked a stay at a spa in her calendar.

Next week you will get Andreas tip’s for going away alone, and we will provide some tips for holiday skincare – both for sun and skiing.


Have a happy Sunday out there.

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