Alternative ways of using your Rudolph Care products

We love products that have a bit of everything, and so have many of Rudolph Care’s. Read about a few alternative ways to use your products.

Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet for your hair ends

Your Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet can bring shine, glow, and care to much more than just your sunkissed skin – try it in your hair ends. Apply a bit of Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet in the palms of your hands and run them through your towel-dried hair. The natural and shimmering mineral, mica, will give your hair extra shine and a delightful golden feeling. 

Mommy & Me for eczema in all ages

Even though Mommy & Me was developed with pregnant bellies and soft babies in our minds, the gorgeous balm is good for more than just that. Many who suffer from eczema and extra dry skin experience beating it by pampering their skin with Mommy & Me as needed. 

Acai Facial Scrub Mask for your feet

Give your feet an exfoliating moisture treatment with Acai Facial Scrub Mask. Scrub the feet well to remove all the dead skin cells and let the mask sit on your feet afterward. Rinse with water and feel the caring ingredients from, among other, shea butter and coconut oil work their magic with your feet. 

Brug Rudolph Cares Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet til dine hårspidser og giv dem et gyldent og velplejet look

Acai Cleansing Foam for your legs

Is your skin irritated after shaving? A little tip is to use Acai Cleansing Foam (which is actually meant for rinsing your face), when you shave your legs – follow up with Acai Body Balm and kiss irritated skin goodbye. Many men are also very fond of Acai Cleansing Foam as a shaving foam for the face.


After Repair Spray underneath your sunscreen 

Though aftersun is normally something you use after a day in the sun, Aftersun Repair Spray is also good underneath your sunscreen or your body lotion. Spray it over your body, let it absorb and apply your daily body care from top to toe. If you’re applying sunscreen – repeat twice, so you don’t miss a spot. Aftersun Repair Spray cooperate with the many active ingredients in your daily skincare and is a caring base underneath your body care. 

Mange oplever at Mommy and Me kan komme eksem og meget tør hud til livs
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