Andrea about skin and routines in a changing season


September is here, and we start to feel a slightly chilled and fresh breeze. To Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph this means changes in her skin care routine, where she implements additional layers along with the season’s demand for additional layers of clothes. Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph glæder sig til at lukke efterårets varme lys ind, og begynde at bruge flere lag i sin skønhedsrutine - læs mere om hvordan hendes hudplejerutine ændrer sig

“We’ve had a warm and consistent summer, but luckily we live in a country, where the seasons change. In my routine I always practice that not two days are similar. I believe in the importance of listening to your skin while acknowledging its demands from one day to another. You can really make a difference for yourself by taking care of your skin consciously. In the transition from summer to autumn, my focus is especially on moisture, and therefore I begin to use more moisture-heavy products. For instance, I return to my Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil, which gives my face plenty of moisture and intense care. I also test a lot of products at the moment, which I hope will see the light of day in Rudolph Care in the future”

Den økologiske ansigtsolie fra Rudolph Care er ideel til at opbygge og vedligeholde din glød året rundt

“When it comes to my routine, I start using more layers as I start wearing more layers of clothes. At the moment I cleanse my face with Cleansing Milk followed by Facial Mist on a cotton pad as a cleansing skin tonic. After that I actually also use our hydrating mist, Mist Delight. When the mist has absorbed I continue with Acai Anti-ageing Serum, followed by Facial Oil and a day cream – and of course, I give the layers time to absorb in between. My glow and sun-kissed skin is also important for me to maintain, and I also do that with focus on plenty of moisture. I start mixing Acai Body Lotion with Acai Body Oil again, and at the moment I’m completely in love with our perfumes – both the perfume oil and eau de parfum. I apply the perfume oil, Signature Notes Huile de Parfum, on the inside of my knees and thighs, on the side of my neck and on my wrists – while I let the rest of my body enjoy Signature Notes Eau de Parfum. So, with plenty of moisture and additional caring layers in my routine I prepare my skin for the lovely autumn.” ​

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