Andrea’s guide to winter swimming


Are you dreaming of becoming a winter swimmer? Read about Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph’s love for the cold waves as she guides you how to comfortably introduce yourself to the low sea temperature. 

Vinterbadning i København

“The instant feeling of happiness that winter swimming brings me is without comparison. It’s the ultimate endorphin explosion and I fell in love with it right away.”

“I never actively planned to become a winter swimmer. I’ve always been close to the sea and extremely fond of swimming – especially during spring and fall. I’ve always tried prolonging summer as much as I could by swimming in the ocean through fall, but I think that my love for winter swimming comes from a natural love for the ocean”

Vinterbadning i Vejby

“It’s neither time consuming nor expensive. To begin with it was my main Sunday activity along with by husband, Claus. On Sundays we would jump in the water, have soup and watch our show on TV – it was such a nice time. Winter swimming with Claus is such a pleasure and so much fun. He kind of hyper ventilates, making some extremely funny noises as he meets the cold water. When we bring the kids along with us we laugh till our tummies ache - fortunately he’s man enough to have people laugh at him. To Claus winter swimming is much crazier than it is to me, but we get the same kick. Both Isolde, my daughter, and I are much calmer in the water. Isolde can, as well as I, handle extremely low temperatures, and she’s so good at controlling her breath while remaining calm.”

Vinterbadning og sneengler

“If you want to start winter swimming, I’m not of the belief that you must move slowly into a routine, though many advice it. Of course, at the moment the natural shift in weather conditions invites people to try it out, but it’s not a must – you can start whenever you want.”

Be prepared

“Preparation is key. First and foremost, make sure you have someone to share the experience with. Warm clothes are crucial to stay warm before and after your dip – so wrap yourself in clothes that are easy to take off and get back in. It’s not very funny to jump into the water if you’re already freezing before you go in. A must is also something to stand on, because the cold ground easily cools you down. Take off your clothes properly – the cold temperature makes your fingers pretty stiff, so it must be easy to jump back into your clothes afterwards."​

Give it time

"Take it nice and easy when going in, no matter if you’re entering from the shore or from a dock. Dip, or take a few strokes (avoid getting your hair wet – it’s going to be too cold once you leave the water), and move easily out of the water again. Your blood will rush through your body once you get up, but don’t underestimate that it’s still cold around you – so dry yourself with a towel, reapply clothes and feel the heat and the energy in your body. A little extra tip; I really enjoy bringing something warm to drink afterwards. Coming home to hot soup is also wonderful.”​

Winter favorites
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