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Let yourself inspire by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph’s thoughts on finding joy in the littlest things.Andrea Rudolph bevæger sig op af vandet efter et morgendyp i København

Simple pleasures

Happiness is often found in the littlest things. Being mindful of the small events that happen around you every day or the seemingly insignificant moments we create — from checking something off your to-do list to savoring a sunset or the feeling of a warm breeze — act as reminders to live in the moment.“As I’ve grown older, I’ve really learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life: they often bring the greatest joy. With a home full of children, I really appreciate the peace and quiet early mornings bring, when everyone else is still asleep. I love the dawn and will gladly wake up early to appreciate it, enjoying a cup of coffee by candlelight or taking a dip in the sea. Those precious thirty minutes before the house stirs fill me up and give me such a resilience to whatever shape the day may take.”

Andrea Rudolph drikker kaffe ved kajen i København

Intuitive skincare

“We’re constantly bombarded with so-called expert advice on what we should and shouldn’t be doing to our skin. I meet many women who tell me they have been told to use a certain product or method that will help a particular condition. I often experience though that people forget to listen to their skin and that we’ve all become afraid of doing something that would harm our skin. But intuition is in fact a great indicator – also in skincare. Luckily, it’s not difficult: experiment your way to what feels good for you. As the best ambassador of our own condition, I’m a true believer in intuition. Just like hunger, we need to ‘feel’ our skin’s needs. I call it skin cravings: “My skin’s dry today, it needs extra moisture,” or “My skin is a little red, it needs special care.” Sometimes it’s just about a feeling you want to create: pampering, luxury, slowing down... My skin is a reflection of how I feel: whether I’m tired, stressed or hormonal, it all shows on my skin. And no two days are the same. Accept that your skincare varies and change over time.”

Andrea Rudolph

Work-life balance

Much has been written about Denmark’s work-life balance in recent years. And it seems there’s something to the country’s placement as one of the happiest in the world. “I can thank my daughter for the balance I have in my life today. I started Rudolph Care when she was a baby, and from the get-go I was determined to balance working hard to build my brand with being present in the moment as a mother. When I picked her up from day care I would put away my phone and computer so that we could spend quality time together, visiting the zoo, reading books or simply enjoying dinner. I worked while she slept, so I didn’t have a guilty conscience. My family has grown since then — and so have my to-do lists — but I still remain true to this philosophy. By being conscious of what gives me energy, makes me feel tired, happy or sad, I can optimize my time and my life. I’ve learned to prioritize and do things in an order that best suits me and my family life.”

Andrea Andrea Rudolph og hendes datter Isolde i Brasilien

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