Andrea through the eyes of her husband


Happy Mother’s Day! To us this day is all about honoring and cherishing mom, and here you can read Claus’ sweet, admiring words about Andrea as a mother.

“Andrea is good at so many things, though the roll she especially masters is her role as a mother. I deeply admire her ability to balance work life as an entrepreneur and her role as a mother, her presence around the kids and her way of instantly ‘shifting chip’ from one arena to another. I’ve never known someone who’s as grounded in a busy schedule as Andrea. She thrives in busyness; she knows herself in it and she’s so extremely good at navigating through all the things that surround her.”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph med barnevogn

“No matter the level of busyness she always frames a magical universe for our kids, where each one of them feels unique and endlessly loved. It’s the kind of love they don’t have to earn – it flows freely and liberally from a big mother heart and she never understates how much she loves them. She enjoys being present with the kids, it’s never too much for her and I know that she’s best off in the bosom of the family.”

Andrea Rudolph og hendes datter Isolde i Brasilien

Andrea glæder sig til at holde sommerferie og have alenetid med børnene i juli

“Andrea grew up with a big family and many siblings and it always meant a lot to her. I’m sure that her childhood dream about creating a big family for herself has its roots in her upbringing. Now she has managed to create the same feeling of endless love, nearness and friendship that ruled in her own sibling tribe – and our five joint kids have made her dream come true. Andrea has accomplished so many things that she’s proud of – and with very good reason. Her Rudolph Care family is one of those thing, though I know that first place will always be ours – and especially the kids’. I love seeing her in feelings of heartfelt pride and bliss as she observes the kids playing in the grass around the summer house, jumping on the trampoline and enjoying each other in their childhood universe. In that way I’m also extremely, endlessly proud of her.”

Sommerferie kalder på masser af is og masser af glæder for Andrea

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