Andrea’s 2019 throwback


The year of Rudolph Care’s 10-year anniversary is over, and a new decade awaits. 


"I began 2019 in the best possible way with the people I love the most; my husband and our 5 kids. We spent New Year’s Eve at home and we had really made an effort to make it a special night. We had seven servings, where each one of us had picked a dish. We had everything from oysters and caviar to pepperoni pizza and pasta  – it couldn’t have been better. Besides, we had agreed that every one of us had to do a speech. One by one, the kids told what they’d experienced as the very best that year. It was so fine and touching and magical. It’s a New Year’s Eve I’ll forever treasure." 


"And in February it all went crazy. Rudolph Care had reached a milestone – a 10-year anniversary. My colleagues and I opened up the doors to our new main office in Valby, Copenhagen for a big blow-out. I’ve never hosted such a massive party and my feet get sore just by thinking about it. The Antonelli Orchestra played their hearts out and the cocktails were fabulous. I’m so proud of that party and my team who made it all happen. Through the weeks after the party we had the heaviest of post-party-blues – but luckily an entire year of celebration, toasting and dancing was waiting for us." 


"In March I cleaned, did pretty and got my spring on. I jumped into the ocean, spent time in the sauna and had red wine. And I worked hard on the development of Rudolph Care’s new Firming products that we launched in September. I’m so proud of them." 


"I spent the month of my favorite holiday, Easter, among friends in different parts of Denmark. We visited Alfred and Arthur’s god fathers on Fanø (red. tiny island on the west coast of Denmark) and more friends in Ry (red. tiny town in Jutland). And we had guests of our own in the summer house. I love Easter. Common, public holidays are the best – it’s like you’re being forced down to earth. To slow down your pace. And the shops are actually closed. It’s a break that’s rare nowadays, but I’m sure that embracing it is extremely healthy." 


"May is one of my busiest months. Don’t ask me why everything happens in this exact month. First, I attended Copenhagen Fashion Summit where Rudolph Care once more was the official beauty partner. It meant that the many speakers’ glow and appearance was our responsibility - and we facilitated the task in a big Rudolph Care universe backstage in the Copenhagen Concert Hall. As usual, listening to the many green visionary speakers was a stunning pleasure – but I’m still dreaming. The beauty industry needs what Copenhagen Fashion Summit is to the fashion industry. In May we also played football for the sustainable development goals as we attended GGW Cup with Rudolph Care. I know, my team can do a bit of both. In May I also hosted Elle Style Awards with the lovely Nikolaj Koppel by my side. But biggest of all was the fact that I was promoted to ‘aunty’ in May. I’m now the aunt of Roberta, who’s the finest little babygirl. It’s so funny to finally see my brother in the daddy-role and both he and my sister in law do such a great job as first-time-parents." 

GGW CUP 2019 Copenhagen

GGW photo: Emil Lyders
Elle Style Award photo: Lars H. Laursen


"During the first summer month I was warming up my body and mind for a long, lovely summer break. I gathered loose ends and tied a knot on the ones I could. And then the first sign of summer vacation arrived; Rudolph Care’s summer shop in Tisvildeleje (red. a tiny town in Northern part of Zealand) opened up for the season. 'Bobben', as it’s called, is a summer tradition I love revisiting year after year. Since we opened the shop for the first time in 2012 it has filled my summer vacations with such great memories." 


"July is all about summer vacation. Beaches, festivals, family and friends. Nothing else."

Andrea bader ved Ofelia Plads

Sommer i Tisvildeleje

"Duty calls in August and I started the second half of 2019 with a big get-together-trip with my entire Rudolph Care team. We’re now 21 members of the Rudolph Care family and it’s crucial that we have each other’s back. That you have, when you know each other well and trust one another – and nonetheless dare to stand on top of each other’s shoulders. Therefore we went on a co-worker-trip to Hindsgavl Slot on Funen, where we had left work at home on our desks in order to engage in co-worker love in beautiful surroundings. An entirely other thing I did in August was holding my daughter’s hand as she got her HPV vaccine. It’s such an important thing for me to mention, because parents hold an enormous responsibility and should let their kids have their vaccinations." 


In September, Rudolph Care launched two new, strong family members – ​ Firming Perfector Serum og Firming Therapy Moisturizer. Two green heroines joined the party, loaded with new ingredients, where hyaluronic acid, apple stem cell extract, kale, spinach, broccoli and mango butter are but some of them. They’re they best team players that embrace my skin’s experience and age and make sure that I have a healthy glow. As a part of our launch we opened up our House of Rudolph Care to the press and later on to excited customers that had bought their tickets to come and join our launch event." 

Hudpleje til den erfarne og modne hud - Firming Couple fra Rudolph Care

Ingredienser firming produkter

"A big deal for me in October was attending the book release of Malene Raben’s new book, 'Fruen'. It’s a piece that’s been on the way for years and I’m so proud to finally see her publish it. October also meant my final surrender to the fall. I found my woolen socks and made peace with the fact that the season for bare legs was over. At home we said hello to a tiny new kitten that had to be integrated into our home. We took it slow, for it was important that our dog Charlie was in on the idea. Luckily, it went smooth and they became best friends right away." 


"November was international. I went on inspiration trips around Europe to research and went to Paris and Madrid to visit both current and coming retailers. I returned home with knowledge, optimism and even more dreams." 


"I’ve spent the final month of 2019 in the presence of my dreams, but also of many evaluations. I dream of a future where Rudolph Care grows bigger and stronger in an international context in the coming decade. And I evaluate my 10’s that are soon to be over. To think that an idea could grow to such a size. And to think how good and solid a foundation you can build when you decide to do good from the very beginning – with no compromise. I dream of more launches, more events and more friends from around the world. I can’t wait to get started with Rudolph Care 2.0."

Andrea ♥

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