Things I’m looking forward to in August


The second half of 2019 is here and summer is soon over for Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph. Read what she tells about the joys of August. Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph og hendes cykel i København
“In August I still have a bit of summer vacation left of which I’m to gently squeeze the last days out of. I’m to enjoy it with all the kids in the summer house, where we’ve been for the past month now. I love summer house life and the world I find myself in when I’m holidaying here. Though my love is as big for returning back to the city – from the affirming city life buzz, to the lightness, thai takeaway and the familiar surroundings. Luckily, our house wasn’t left empty through summer – we lend it out, so we won’t return to a ghost house.”

”In August I’m also looking forward to attending not only one, but two private parties. One with Jacob and Mette, my daughter’s dad and stepmom. And the other with my friend Yvonne, who’ve even sent me a physical invitation. It’s something special, and an invitation like that always makes me look even more forward to the party – it drips with dedication, thoughts and love. And it shows that the host is excited to welcome her guests.”

“Once I’ve detached myself from the summer vacation, I’m returning to kick start the second half of Rudolph Care’s 10-year anniversary year. And I’m to reunite with my team of 19 lovely colleagues. Through the past year I’ve expanded my team with more strong and talented players of which I’m extremely proud. With our newfound team we are to follow plans we made in the fall to the door and I’m really looking forward to it. We’re also going on a team trip again where we’ll be both working hard and having a good time – we’ll be fine-tuning plans, visualizing and brainstorming. I often think of how lucky I am to have such great colleagues – we’re surrounded by so many laughs and care every single day. It’s extraordinary. The rest of the year will also offer a launch of two brand new Rudolph Care products. It’ll be great and I can’t wait to show the world what we’ve created this time.”

“One last thing I’d like to mention about August is that I must acknowledge how I now have a daughter that’s a seventh-grader. I know it’s a big thing to her, but it’s just as big a thing to me. Isolde turned thirteen in July which means that she’s a teenager now. Seventh grade is big. When I was in the seventh grade I went to soda discos and got confirmed. But just as big of a fan she is of embarking on seventh grade, just as uncool is she with the fact that she’s now categorized as a ‘teenager’. She finds it an incredibly negative word that reproaches everything that happens in the years between thirteen and nineteen. I try to convince her that it’ll be the best thing ever, even though I’m well aware that it’s also going to be turbulent, wild years where she’ll be learning so much about herself and the world. But we’ll be starting with seventh grade in August, and the first day of school is always a big thing for me. She’ll never escape the mandatory photo with new clothes and her backpack on. I’m pretty sure that she’ll come to understand that teenage life will be just fine and that it’s entirely up to her to define how she wants it to be.”


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