Andrea’s spring routine


Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph lets in spring with new routines and cleansing, refreshing rituals. ​

“Spring shows little by little and yet I return to a cleansing ritual. Spring-cleaning is about to happen on both my skin and in my mind, and this means that I seek back to Acai Facial Scrub Mask and Acai Body Scrub. Depending on the season these two products have different rolls in my routine. During winter it’s all about the feeling – that the skin and my body are awoken by the tiny granules and that my skin becomes clean, soft and smooth. Whereas during summer my scrub routine is a bit more about getting ready to show some skin. The matte layer that appears on my skin over time is removed and my skin becomes alive and gorgeously looking.”

How I scrub:

“Half an hour before a shower I exfoliate my face thoroughly with Acai Facial Scrub Mask, leave it on for it to nourish my skin and rinse it off under the pouring water in the shower. Before I exfoliate my body, firstly I turn off the water and pad myself dry from excessive water – this makes the scrub stay on the skin and work with it until I rinse it off. I start by massaging the amber colored gel into my skin from my feet, working my way up. I take my time and work with the scrub until I feel that my skin is soft and clean – and then I do it a little while longer. If the exfoliation needs a bit more power from time to time I use a hemp glove to really get the blood circulation started. Especially arms and legs are tended to – along with spots on elbows, knees and ankles. Body Scrub is a gentle, fine-grained scrub and it’s an outstanding example that soft, gentle and effective can be combined. It keeps my skin in shape all year round, though I especially love inviting it into my regular routines now during spring.”

“After the shower and the thorough exfoliation I bring even more life and nourishment to my skin with Acai Body Lotion. And especially during the months of spring I mix it with the self-tanner A Hint of Summer. It gives my body routine a hint of warmth and sunnier times while making my skin gorgeous and filled with glow. Personally I use quite many doses when applying the self-tanner, though it’s quite an individual matter how much self-tanner fits the tone of your skin – though a rule of thumb is that 1-2 doses is sufficient for the face, while 3-4 doses is sufficient for the body. The delicious summer glow you get from A Hint of Summer should be maintained, and therefore I use it every other day to keep the glow alive.”

“I use sunscreen on the sunny days all year round, but especially now that spring sun shows more and more I invite Sun Face Cream SPF 15 back into my routine. Time and thoroughness for applying sunscreen is very important to me – the sun is dangerous, and way too many apply way too little sun protection. Studies prove that when you think you’ve applied a sufficient amount you’ve missed 21% of your body – and when you apply once again you’ve still missed out on 9%. It’s terrifying, and I’m sure that it’s a part of the source to why so many are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Therefore, my best tip for the early spring sun – and the rest of the sunny season; always use the recommended amount of sunscreen as described on the packaging (a handful for the body and a teaspoon for the face) – and apply it in two intervals. This technique will give your skin a chance to absorb it all completely, and the chance of you missing a spot on your body is minimized.”

The products from Andrea's spring routine
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