Andrea’s 3 simple steps in summer skincare


To Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph it’s like returning to a fresh and delightful summer wardrobe when turning back to the summer skincare routine. Read on as she shares three ways of getting the skin in summer shape.
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1. Return to the light cleansing products

“I come back ‘home’ to the lighter products as the heat and the warmer days return. And now they finally do. Especially with my cleansing products I love revisiting the lightweight ones. The winter months and the shifting temperatures through spring made me stick to Acai Cleansing Milk for quite a while – our rich, nourishing cleanser. But now it’s time for something lighter – I invite Acai Cleansing Foam back into my routine as my newfound favorite summer cleanser. It rinses my skin thoroughly with its crackling white foam – without drying it out, which is crucial for me. I still use Cleansing Milk though for removing my makeup, so it never really ends up in the far end of my beauty shelf.”

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2. Scrub your skin soft, even and clean

“Earlier this month I mentioned (red. read it here) how hard it would be if I had to be without Acai Body Scrub right now. But that craving is actually there all through summer. I love how exfoliation keeps my body in shape, and I love the ‘rush’ I get from the blood flowing fast and wild after I’ve scrubbed. Also, I never want to be without that uniquely soft and tranquil feeling I experience afterwards. I make sure to exfoliate my skin all year round with Acai Facial Scrub Mask – it’s a thing I’ll never compromise and in fact there’s no good reason to not use Scrub Mask. It’s so easy. I apply it in the morning before taking a shower and leave it on for 30 minutes while I fix things at home or play with the kids. After 30 minutes I take a shower, rinsing off the mask and enjoying the sensation of soft skin that radiates nourishment and glow.”

3. Use self-tanner and plenty of sunscreen

Sunscreen is naturally all essential for me through summer. And I’m proud to have developed a sun series that’s both luscious, effective and takes care of your, my and our nature’s wellbeing. The thing is though that the amount of sunscreen applied is endlessly important for the SPF’s ability to fully protect you – a handful for the body and a teaspoon for the face, and I always do two layers, minimizing the risk of missing a spot. Besides sunscreen, I maintain a firm grip around my A Hint of Summer - the self-tanner that both gives me a healthy and natural radiance and feeds my summer glow.”

Andrea  ♥

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