Ask The Experts: How to keep the summer glow

We let our expert, Louise, guide you through the most essential elements of your skincare routine if you want a long-lasting summer glow.Rudolph Cares ekspert Louise guider til masser af fugt, som er hovedelementet i en velbevaret sommerglød

August is upon us, and the preparations for a long-lasting summer glow is about to start. Many of us are fully charged on sun, warmth, and summer vibes and our skin feels it too – and that’s just great. But how do we keep that feeling alive? It’s very simple – moisture, moisture, and even more moisture. 

“As a rule of thumb, moisturised skin is an ideal base for everything, and especially your summer glow. A gorgeous summer glow is actually not that hard to preserve, but it’s provided that you fully moisturise your skin. Moisture from you daily routine is what gives your skin its radiance and therefore it’s crucial for a well-kept summer glow.”​

Rudolph Cares ekspert guider til forlænget sommerglød, hvor Acai Body Balm er et af de essentielle produkter

“Almost all Rudolph Care products have the same focus – to sufficiently moisturise your skin. Though, some of the products are extra-good if you want to see fast results and have fully moisturised and glowing skin”


Acai Body Balm is the perfect moisture-boost for the entire body. Applying the balm after a shower or pampering your legs before bedtime is something your skin will love. It’s also perfect for your face as a moisturising mask at night – the skin will absorb the moisture it needs, and you’ll wake up with a silky soft and fully moisturised face”


Acai Body Scrub & Acai Facial Scrub Mask are also gorgeous sources to glowing skin, radiance, and loads of moisture. When preserving your glowing skin, exfoliation is essential. The exfoliation does not just take away the dead skin cells – it also makes sure that your skin absorbs the moisture you give it much easier. A lovely thing about Acai Body Scrub and Acai Facial Scrub Mask is also that their organic oils bring plenty of moisture to the skin, while taking away the dead skin cells”​

Rudolph Cares ansigtsolie er god til at bevare en dejlig glød året rundt - den er mørk i farven fra de næsten sorte acaibær og giver derfor et naturligt og gyldent touch til din hud


“For your face our Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil is a pure wonder, if you want to keep your glow. The facial oil has a very dark colour, because it is pure acai oil from the (almost) black acai berries – and it shows as a golden touch on your skin. All at once Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil is a tiny, but powerful explosion of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and pure luxury-moisture for your face. If you’re not into using oil on your face during daytime, I recommend using it at night – at night the oil also has ideal circumstances to work thoroughly, actively, and caringly with your skin.”​


“Finally, I can’t avoid speaking a bit about our organic self-tanner, A Hint of Summer,  which is a true summer glow winner. Though, a nice and even tan with A Hint of Summer is provided that you both exfoliate and moisturise your skin. The self-tanner suits both face and body, and moisture is guaranteed, when you mix A Hint of Summer with your day cream, body lotion or oil. The amount of A Hint of Summer depends on how intense you wish your tan to be, though I always recommend starting out with 2-3 drops, if you already have a summer tan”​

Den økologiske selvbruner fra Rudolph Care er en af de mange produkter, som kan hjælpe dig til at bevare din sommerglød
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