A peek into Bea Fagerholt’s beauty universe

It’s time for yet another peek into a personal beauty universe, and this time around it once again belongs to a true beauty connoisseur; Bea Fagerholt. Read on as she tells about her skincare needs of autumn, and how the best beauty tips are free of charge. 

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘beauty’ – and what does it mean to you?
“Beauty is something I seek and want to be close to. It can be a visual, emotional or sensory thing. Beauty can be confused with perfection, but it goes much deeper and is strongly connected with radiance and a personality that fascinates and allures.”

How is your beauty routine, and is there anything you especially prioritize?
“I faithfully cleanse my skin every morning and every night, and sometimes I manage to get all excited about it. Most often I let the cleansing product sit on my skin while doing something else. I’m fond of oil and balm-based cleansing products, and I always cleanse two times using a face cloth. Besides loving the feeling of washing the day off, I’ve learned that it’s also my key to beautiful skin. You just don’t get glowing and vital skin if you let impurities and makeup leave a mark.”

How is your routine affected by the changing seasons?
“My skin always reacts to changing temperatures and that’s when I prioritize getting a professional facial treatment, where talented hands will do everything I can’t do myself – deep cleansing, for example. Now that summer is actually gone, I’m also starting to supplement with vitamin-D again. I love using oils all year round and every day during the colder months. I always make sure that my skin is fully moisturized, and I like to use 3-4 layers in my routine. When it comes to cleansing and caring for my skin I’m kind of a wannabe Japanese”

What’s your top beauty tip?
“A cold finale in the shower every morning. That’s the way I’ve ended my showers for many years and even though it’s freeeezing cold to begin with, it really puts my system to work and I feel so awake and ready afterwards. Though, I also love sinking into a warm tub after a long day. You can try to fill your bathroom shelve with products, but the best tips are free of charge: sleep, water, deep breaths, stretches, and always iron your bedlinen.” 


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Fagerholt, Bea
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