Bound for the coasts of Skagen

This Sunday, 5thAugust 2018, Andrea signs on to the Dutch ship Fantastiko in Skagen to participate in Expedition Denmark along with Henrik Beha Pedersen, founder of Plastic Change. The purpose of the expedition, undertaken by the Dutch organisation By the Ocean we Unite in corporation with Plastic Change, is to investigate the sea water and create awareness on the emerging issue with plastic in the ocean. Skagen offers several activities this Sunday – among other things a beach clean-up by the grey lighthouse and exciting lectures – we can’t wait. 

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph skal med Plastic Change ombord på Ekspedition Danmark for at blive meget klogere på plastikkens indvirke på havet

“I’ll go on this expedition to expand my view and get to know more about the challenges we’re facing. I think that Rudolph Care have done a great job, and we’ve set the bar high and considered some crucial elements from the very beginning. Though, we can still become better. The more we produce and send out into the market, the bigger is our responsibility. And we’re going to take that responsibility. We’re going to take part in cleaning up. But we need more knowledge and therefore I’ll be on this sail with Plastic Change. So we can become wiser on the challenges we’re facing, and how we can become more sustainable in our use of plastic - on behalf of Rudolph Care, and the entire beauty industry. I’m really looking forward to it! – Andrea

Plastic islands, eradication of life in the sea, and a changing biodiversity is something that’s caused by us and how we deal with plastic. At Rudolph Care one of our key topics is to pursue the clean-up of what we send out into the world – are therefore we love what Plastic Change and By the Ocean we Unite are doing with this initiative. And as you can read, the responsibility stands close to Andrea’s heart. 

Andrea finder glæde og energi ved og i havet, og hun glæder sig til at skulle til på sejlads med By the Ocean we Unite og Plastic Change

“It’s terrible to see how much plastic we meet every single day. And it’s horrible to see that plastic doesn’t degrade, as it’s just degraded into smaller pieces, which can do plenty of damage. It’s an increasing problem with plastic in the sea, and my love for the sea is massive. In my childhood I’ve always spent my summers by the sea and enjoyed it a lot. And now as an adult it’s still my safe haven. I love swimming in the sea in the early morning hours – that’s where I find my joy and energy” - Andrea

The sea is one of our most basic sources to survival, and we have never had the right to destroy it the way we do. In Denmark we have a coastline of 7300 km, though we shouldn’t stick to just caring about our own – we should care about all coastlines and the oceans that surround us. We’re looking forward to spending our Sunday in Skagen with the environment in mind, and we can’t wait to open up for even more sustainability in and around Rudolph Care as an organisation. 

If you won’t make it to Skagen this Sunday, then don’t despair – Expedition Denmark lasts from 4th-22ndAugust 2018, and you can meet the expedition when they, among other places, go to port in Roskilde, Copenhagen, Møns Klint, and Marstal. Read more on By the Ocean we Unite’s website here:


Andrea Elisabet Rudolph skal med ombord på Ekspedition Denmark, når de sejler fra Skagen til Roskilde


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