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Sustainability in much more than one sense.

Rudolph Care is sustainable everyday luxury in more than one sense. And that we always were. Because not only do our products carry both environment and organic certifications that care for the health of humans as well as nature – we are actually sustainable from the heart out. 

The heart of Rudolph Care is the tiny dark acai berry that we’ve received from the same place in Amazonas for a decade now. This partnership has blessed us with the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of a wild piece of rainforest. The acai berries grow in the shade of the palm trees of the rainforest and the preservation of it is therefore a very essential part of our acai trade. 

Lokale i Amazonas og Andrea

In Amazonas we collaborate with 150 families that facilitate the harvest all through the fall (mainly in October). The acai berries are certified organic - and the locals that harvest the berries do the extra work it takes to meet the certification’s requirements that demand a certain way of handling the berries. We’re quite proud of contributing to this way of working. It simply takes a bigger effort to be a certified farmer than not to be. 

Our work with the local berry pickers in the rainforest is but one of the sustainable activities that involve acai berries. Another is the social aspect. Because not only does the acai harvest give the locals economic advantages – Rudolph Care also just broke ground for even more projects in Amazonas...

Through October 2019 we will in full be donating the revenue from the sale of the initial 300 of our new Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition to sustainable initiatives create by the locals in the area where we work and trade. Among other things, your purchase of the facial oil supports the establishment of a plant nursery in cooperation with the local school, where the kids will be taught cultivation of crops, composting, waste management and sustainability. So they in the future have the knowledge and skills to strengthen their own living conditions, grow more organic crops and thereby improve both nutrition and economy in the area.

Skole i Amazonas, som Rudolph Care støtter

Acai transporteres fra regnskoven til den lokale producent

Therefore, you do indeed prioritize sustainability in more than one way when choosing Rudolph Care. And we’re proud that more and more conscious consumers continue to tap into our universe made of equal amounts of responsibility, sustainability and effective luxury skincare. 

Acai - Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph i Brasilien

Special tributes to Amazonas
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