Christmas á la Alice Rosenkrantz Stadil

Today you can turn up the advent mood with entrepreneur, CEO and Christmas lover, Alice Rosenkrantz Stadil, as she shares a piece of her Christmas universe on Rudolph Stories. 

Alice Rosenkranz Stadil

Where will you celebrate Christmas this year?
“This year we’re celebrating Christmas with Christian’s family on Funen, where they have a big and cozy place that is always drenched in Christmas spirit. I often find the thought of celebrating Christmas without my mother, father, and sister a bit hard .. but when Christmas Eve arrives I actually don’t put my mind to it. Christian’s family is also my family now and I care deeply for them. Christian’s 

Julehjemmet hos Alice

How is Christmas in your family – classic or alternative?
“It’s quite classic I think – I’ve only tried spending Christmas with my own and Christian’s family.. so unless we’re the only families in Denmark who spend Christmas in a completely crazy way, I think we’re quite classic. On my father’s side of the family they’ve always had rice pudding instead of ris a la mande, though my mother put an end to that tradition quite quikly - so I’m happy that they treasure ris a la mande as a tradition in Christian’s family as well. It’s just not Christmas without ris a la mande :-) .. As a child my parents often invited friends who were lonely over to spend Christmas with us. Maybe it was a bit alternative, but it’s a beautiful tradition that I would love to adopt myself.”


Are there any special traditions that can’t be excluded?
“In my family we have few a traditions for dancing around the Christmas tree – for example we sing my father’s homemade verse to ‘Højt fra træets grønne top’ (red. Danish Christmas hymn), and every year we end by dancing and singing to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, which is just as fun every time. And then there is the ris a la mande – it’s a highlight for me. I never eat that much main course, because I need room for stuffing myself with ris a la mande where I’m almost always the one finding the almond because I eat half of the bowl.. As a child we always visited the stables and our horses at midnight to give them a Christmas apple. It was a wonderful tradition. I miss having horses.. maybe I can feed something to my father in law’s carps this year – if the moat isn’t frozen ;-)”

Stressed-out or cool Christmas?
“Cool Christmas! – I’m not really the perfectionistic type, so if things don’t go the way I’ve planned, it’s quite OK. Over all I’m not the type who stresses. I’ve told myself that unless it’s a matter of life and death it’s not really worth stressing out for. I’ve simply decided not to get stressed out and busy in such a nice and relaxed time as Christmas time.” 

Alice Stadil



Which Christmas cookies are your favourites, and do you bake them yourself?
“Ahh, we have a family recipe for honey cakes that originates from my father’s great grandmother. They’re called ‘basler’ and they’re what Christmas is all about. When I was a little girl we always baked tons of ‘basler’ so we had enough to bring on our ski trips. They’re the perfect snack on the lift when you need a bit of energy.”

What are you looking forward to the most during Christmas?
“That we’re together! Both that my own family is together and that we meet up with friends around the same wonderful holidays. And that everyone puts extra effort into everything. People just show the best sides of themselves. It’s all about altruism and everyone has the same goal – being together, having a great time, and simply giving love to all.”

Which is the best present you ever received?
“That’s hard. I’ve received so many fine presents, but once I got a guitar from my parents when I turned 10 years old, and it fit my dream about becoming the next Lisa Ekdahl just perfectly… I also got a Saint Laurent purse from Christian once that I’ve basically lived in ever since. It contains everything from diapers, money, MÄT-bars, and my cell phone. Besides, I’m always looking forward to unwrapping the presents from my little sister – she knows me better than I do, so she is always the best one at buying me presents.”


And the worst present you ever received?
“One year I spent Christmas in Barcelona where I lived with two friends, and my parents had sent me a Christmas present. I’ve never been more excited to open a present in my life, and as I unwrapped it, it turned out to be a pink bag with horses on it and a purse inside. It was dreadful. My mother actually has great taste, so I don’t really know what happened that year. My daughter, Harper, now owns it and she is thrilled about it – it’s perfect for playing dress-up.”

Which is the best present you ever gave?
“I must say that I almost aaaaalways give good presents. I always consider it thoroughly before getting anyone anything, and I put a lot of effort into finding just the right items. But I remember one in particular; ever since I met Christian he has been grumbling about having lent out his signed Susanne Brøgger book. So last year I wrote Susanne and asked if she could write Christian a greeting if I bought one of her books and payed the shipping myself. Luckily she said yes and wrote the sweetest greeting for Christian in the book. He was so happy and moved when he got that present, and I was happy to have planted such great feelings in him with that present.”

Your best Christmas tip?
“Pull the plug to what consumes the energy in your everyday life and focus on your family and loved ones. And spend a little time thinking about gratefulness and what you can do for others, instead of what they can do for you”.

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