Cleansing Milk – the winter season product

Rensemælk fra Rudolph Care

The humidity and the temperature have dropped significantly compared to the warm summer we had this year. This change may challenge your skin and dry it out quite fast. Read more about how making Cleansing Milk a part of your routine can help your skin to stay hydrated. 

Even though routines are often good, healthy, and balancing elements in the everyday life, we can easily become blinded by them and get stuck. And that also goes for the cleansing routine. Many of us faithfully rinse our skin every morning and night, but how often do we consider our cleansing product and if it’s the ideal one right now?

Cleansing Milk fra Rudolph Care

When rinsing your skin you remove both dirt and grease, which is important so your pores are kept clean and free from bacteria. In that process though you can easily, but not intentionally, remove too much of the skin’s natural grease so it dries out easier. This is where you need Cleansing Milk.

Cleansing Milk is a purifying lotion that effectively both cleanses and cares for your skin. Because the purpose of rinsing is not just rinsing – it’s also important to take good care of your skin in that process, and Cleansing Milk does that with help from its high level of organic oils. The oils bring grease to your skin which makes it more resilient to dehydration. Naturally, it’s also important to follow with facial cream, serum, a moisturizing mist, and/or facial oil after rinsing, but the rinsing routine is often worth having a closer look at when sensing dried out skin. 

You can use Cleansing Milk with or without water, and there’s no need for rinsing with water afterwards no matter how you use it. If you use it without water – use a cotton pad or two for applying the product and rub gently until you feel clean. If you use it with water – use the product on damp skin and massage gently with your fingertips – remove excess product with a cloth or a cotton pad. 

Although, after saying all the good stuff there is to say about Cleansing Milk, it’s important for us to emphasize that what’s most important is that you examine your skin and find out what it needs. For some it works using Cleansing Foam all year round, and if you feel that your skin is in good shape there’s definitely no reason to fix something that isn’t broken. 

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