The Easter holiday cleansing ritual in a kit


Many find their morning cleansing ritual the only way to start the day, while even more swear to wash away the day in the evening. The routine and your suitcase though might face a challenge if you are to bring all your fullsize products with you on the go – and for that reason we’ve gathered your entire Rudolph Care cleansing ritual in the same kit, giving you the opportunity to pack the entire feeling of luxury in your hand luggage. Meet Essentials To Go – Cleansing Edition

The convenient kit is filled with five wanderlusting products:​

A mild, effective and convenient cleansing milk. You don’t even need water to use it which makes it ideal for dry and sensitive skin – and it’s especially good for makeup removal.

After you’ve removed your makeup with Cleansing Milk you can continue cleansing your entire face with the light foam, Acai Cleansing Foam. It contains the active, cleansing ingredients witch hazel and coneflower that prevents impurities – and to maintain your skin’s level of hydration we’ve made sure to also add organic aloe vera that is both moisture retaining and calming. A tiny tip: You can also use Cleansing Foam for shaving – which actually just makes it an even better travel buddy.  

With Facial Scrub Mask you get two effective qualities in the same product. Soft exfoliation and a rich, moisturizing mask. The fine granules from apricot seeds gently remove impurities and dead skin cells that lie on top of your skin giving you a dull look – while the high level of nourishing, organic oils takes care of the moisture balance in your skin. Especially if you leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off. 

Soap for your hands and body in the same travel buddy. It rinses your skin effectively, keeps it from drying out and gives your shower just the right feel and scent. The soap is ideal for rinsing off sunscreen, or just for a refreshing shower after a warm day – no matter if you’re enjoying a big-city holiday, sandy beaches or something entirely different.  

End your cleansing ritual with Acai Facial Mist on a cotton pad and experience a toned finish. Facial Mist contains goodies from the cleansing ingredients witch hazel and coneflower – and nonetheless acai extract that supplies your skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  


… besides the lovely cleansing products you find in Essentials To Go, Rudolph Care has a wide range of travel sizes. Among many other we have shampoo & conditioner, the facial creams Anti-stress Facial Cream and Anti-ageing Moisturizer and not to forget the gorgeous, ecolabelled sunscreen

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