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Two new Rudolph Care members join your and our beauty shelf on September 2nd 2019 – and without revealing too much, we’re opening up for a sneak peek. We’re proud to present natural ingredients that make up new, pioneering and fresh elements in our rose skincare line. We’ve never worked with these ingredients before, which makes the forthcoming launch even more special. And we’re beyond thrilled. Below we’ll tell you about four of the ingredients – but brace yourself. You’ve seen but the tip of what’s coming at you from the new, green, powerful newcomers in our sustainable beauty universe. Stay tuned!

Kale protein
... Kind & key

Kale is delicious for food as well as in skincare. The powerful kale protein is packed with vitamin A, E and C that increase the moisture content and collagen production in your skin, letting it radiate life and enhanced suppleness. 

Mango butter
... Mighty and mesmerizing

Prepare for nourishing mango butter that will end your cravings for moisture and suppleness. Mango butter supplements the skin’s natural lipid that helps it retain its moisture. 

Hyaluronic acid
... Heroic & humble

Meet your new best friend that has the ability to retain and maintain the moisture within your skin. Hyaluronic acid works in the skin layer where the skin naturally produces collagen. The moisture content is kept in check and the fine lines from dryness become history day by day, giving your skin the chance to radiate its true resilience and glow.

Broccoli oil
... Bold & blazing

We’ve crossed paths with many different oils in Rudolph Care – and we have proficient wisdom on the golden drops’ effect on both skin and mood. Though broccoli oil is new to us. And oh, what a wonder veggie! Thanks to its high level of nourishing fatty acids, broccoli oil enriches the skin with a beautiful glow – and penetrates deep and fast without leaving a greasy residue.

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