Rudolph Care - Danish expertise from start to finish


Every single Rudolph Care product starts its life in Denmark. Read why we’re quite proud of our Danish production.Amalienborg

As Danes, we are proud of our nation. Despite its small size, Denmark is a powerhouse of knowledge, expertise and creativity, and we tap into this by making our products here. More than ever, we understand the positive effects of producing locally: we can source responsibly, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and create jobs, contributing to a brighter and more secure future for the entire country through the support of local businesses. By investing in Danish-made products, we also do our part to contribute to a cleaner, safer environment for not only our generation, but also those to come. ‘Made in the Denmark’ isn’t just a slogan — it speaks of superior quality and craftsmanship, and national working laws guarantee employee rights and safe working conditions for all. 


When Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph started the company, she allied herself with a local team of highly skilled chemists and product manufacturers to ensure the high efficacy, perfect texture and fragrance, and luxurious finish that characterize Rudolph Care products. Products are launched only when Andrea is completely satisfied that they live up to our exacting standards. The final product has travelled through many hands, literally speaking, and we’re proud of delivering a piece of Danish craftmanship. We still work with the individuals who produced the very first Rudolph Care products. It has brought us a close and personal relation that ultimately ends up making our products even better.

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