The Delightful Duo


Time for spring, time for The Delightful Duo...Delight Definition

In the universe of Rudolph Care we have a special duo that always shows itself when spring and summer return. Mist Delight & Moisture Delight, aka. The Delightful Duo. If you’re familiar with these two, you know how they’re nourishing and moisturizing heroes for dry and dehydrated skin. If not….​

Moisture Delight 101: 

The feeling of a rich spring hug, new life and rediscovered energy on your skin. Like pulling off a winter boot and slipping into a light espadrille. With extracts from cucumber, rosehip and elderflower, the skin is nourished, hydrated and destressed in the transition from winter to spring. And through the rest of the year for that matter. ​

Mist Delight 101:

The feeling of brief summer showers and life providing spring breezes all at once. The feeling of lightness and calm ground with microscopic drops that fall on your face. Close your eyes, spray and feel how the rich drops land on your skin and melt into it. Extracts from honey, acai and calendula protect, hydrate and soothe, so the only thing on your mind must be how lovely spring feels on your skin. ​

Delights ♥
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