Diary from Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019


Through the past two days the Rudolph Care team has gorged on knowledge and inspiration at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019 – a conference that only grows in topicality.  
Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world’s leading conference within sustainable fashion. It gathers the decision makers from the value chain of the fashion industry for talks and discussions on how to solidly implement sustainability at the core of the industry. Though, what is sustainability really?

Sustainability in more than one sense

For many years the fashion industry has come in second as one of the world’s most polluting industries, where only the oil industry outscores it. It’s an industry that leaves such massive footprints on our globe every single day – a condition Copenhagen Fashion Summit has addressed and emphasized for 10 years now. But sustainability is more than CO2 quotas and reduced water consumption – it’s also about people. Ethics and social sustainability are therefore major topics at Copenhagen Fashion Summit, where working conditions and especially gender equality is in focus. This decomposition of the many niches of sustainability is endlessly important to solidly implement the much-needed paradigm shift within the fashion industry. 

Key word of the year

Over the past two days many speakers visited the chairs on the Concert Hall’s magnificent stage and once again we had confirmed how many new, innovative and visionary ideas that are born when likeminded souls meet. The key word for this year’s summit is therefore cooperation. Gathering an entire industry around a shared agenda, where the actors are usually competing against one another is outstanding and inspiring. And something the beauty industry can learn from. Because at the end of the day we’re only competitors if we have a planet to be competitors on. 

Youth Fashion Summit calls for action – now

From the early morning at Copenhagen Fashion Summit’s day two we were proactively reminded by Youth Fashion Summit how we’re yet to reach the goal. Youth Fashion Summit is the young generation’s summit, and they gave the Concert Hall a visionary and strong reinvigoration with both confidence and severity in their voices. A young reality check we’d call it. Among other things, the young speakers addressed the obvious; that we’ve been speaking about sustainability in the fashion industry for almost 10 years now and that it’s time to act now. Youth Fashion Summit was a critical and important voice that Copenhagen Fashion Summit needed – we enjoyed their energy and were reminded how much we can learn from the new generation. 

10 years – one common language 

Copenhagen Fashion Summit has existed for 10 years now and at this year’s summit we’ve particularly experienced how a common language has emerged – everyone agrees to what is the problem, there are no more excuses to not take a stand on sustainability, and a consensus has come to life. We need to make the sustainable choice the most appealing choice. We must make every single step of the value chain traceable and make it as transparent as possible, so that the consumer can actually feel the importance of sustainability. It’s crucial that sustainable fashion becomes accessible to all – it must become normative. And last but not least that sustainability must raise the value of our products – not lessen it. 

We’ll keep on dreaming…

We’ll end another Copenhagen Fashion Summit with a continuous dream. Rudolph Care dreams of a beauty summit that can be to us what Copenhagen Fashion Summit is to the fashion industry. An even bigger dream would be if Copenhagen Fashion Summit one day teamed up with the beauty industry. We’re two so closely united industries that constantly follow each other’s flows, trends and inspiration – and therefore it would be nothing but obvious to team up one day. Therefore, we were especially glad to hear Her Royal Highness The Crown princess of Denmark give our thought some life in her opening address, as she said ‘We need to look to other industries for inspiration’. So, a little prayer to Eva Kruse (CEO, Copenhagen Fashion Summit) would be to let our industries, fashion and beauty, work together around our love for our common planet and to reduce the existential threat that we’re all facing. 

Skin care favorites at CPH Fashion Summit
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