Emergency help for dry and sensitive skin


Give your skin and yourself some love

Sara Jordell


What are the reasons for sensitive skin?

Sensitive outside – sensitive inside. You are a sensitive soul and that’s a good thing, but sometimes we have to learn to understand our sensitivity so we can put it to better use. That requires looking into yourself and discovering how to understand yourself better, and learning to navigate your vulnerability – because it is also your strength.

In addition, you must also protect your skin properly against all of the negative environmental influences that surround you. Give your skin loads of protective oil, but choose oils of high quality that can penetrate the skin’s outermost layers and nourish it while also providing protection. Good choices include acai oil, rosehip oil or apricot oil.


How do I care for delicate skin?

Always protect your skin according to the season. Use oil when it’s cold outside and a good sunscreen during the summer. Pamper your skin with massage and facial reflexology, which strengthens your skin, your circulation and your connective tissue.

At my clinic we provide instruction in self-massage, so you can do your own treatments at home. It strengthens your skin from within and you will see a difference with just 5-10 minutes of massage each day.


My skin feels dry, tight and irritated – what should I do?

Dry and irritated skin is also often sensitive, because when skin has been dry for a long time it almost always reacts by becoming sensitive and irritated. You need to do something about the dryness if you don’t want to develop lines, because that will be the skin’s next step after enduring a long period of dryness. Drench your skin with moisture from aloe vera, for example – which you can also benefit from drinking because it hydrates the skin from within. Follow up by using good quality oils. A rich oil like coconut oil can be nice for a while, or you can opt for the Rudolph Care Body Balm. It replenishes and strengthens skin tissue deeply with Vitamin E and a high percentage of shea butter. The balm also makes an excellent night mask. Apply a thin layer of Body Balm and feel how it melts into your skin, softening it instantly. Aaahhh...

Lækker, rig, plejende og økologisk balm til hele kroppen fra Rudolph Care

Plenty of protection and exactly the right exfoliator

Tina Ebbesen Jensen 


Why does skin react by becoming red, delicate and sensitive?

Reactive skin, as it’s sometimes called, is often delicate and is impacted by many different factors such as cold, wind, frost, alcohol, heat and stress. Delicate skin is thinner and more fragile, and it often has dilated, broken capillaries. This makes it more vulnerable to external influences.


What can aggravate the condition of the skin?

This skin type in particular must always be protected with moisturiser before you venture outdoors. If you don’t do it – and unfortunately many don’t, out of fear of doing something wrong – then you are almost guaranteed that your skin will worsen over time. When the skin becomes reddened, it means that it’s asking for help – so come to the rescue with good creams for sensitive skin.


How do I care for delicate skin to regain balance?

Be zealous about skin protection every single day, and use products that nourish and soothe the skin. The essential thing is that the products are gentle. Use an exfoliator, but choose a very, very mild one. Those with delicate skin are often nervous about exfoliating, but it is actually a very important product in your skincare routine. Exfoliating ensures that dead skin cells are removed, and when they are removed regularly the skin is able to absorb all the products you use much more effectively, and they can penetrate more deeply. The effect your products have is completely different if you exfoliate. And if you use good products, it’s a shame not to get the absolute most out of them. Seek advice from a skincare expert when choosing an exfoliating product – then you’ll be on the safe side.


What else can be done to rebalance the skin?

Take a look at your diet, exercise, stress level, sleep hygiene and make sure that you drink sufficient water throughout the day.


What if my skin is mostly dry and tight – how should it be treated?

The wrong creams, a very dry indoor environment, or spending a lot of time outdoors – all can contribute to drying out the skin. The same goes for lots of sun and showering in hot water. Dry skin needs lots of nourishment and hydration, and preferably oils or highly moisturising serums under moisturiser both morning and evening. This skin type often loves oil, and I see fabulous results with it, so I would definitely recommend using oil on a daily basis. You should also use oils in your food, so you get the benefits of oil both internally and externally. Drink lots of water so you hydrate from within and pamper your skin with lovely facial masks in luscious, buttery textures several times a week.


The experts
Tina Ebbesen Jensen (left) owns and operates Askepot Skønhedsklinik (Cinderella Beauty Clinic) in Silkeborg, where you can get all the beauty treatments of your dreams. She has been helping women achieve beautiful skin for more than 12 years now, and she prefers to use only organic and natural products – including Rudolph Care.

Sara Jordell is a holistic skin expert, healer and bodywork therapist. She works as much with the interactions between the body’s internal systems and organs as she does with the external skin. Sara specialises in facial reflexology and connective tissue treatment – and she has also been involved in developing our unique Rudolph Care treatments.​

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