Emergency help for oily skin and pigmentation


On with the oil, turn up the facial massage And quit the sun

SARA JOrdell


How do I care for oily skin so it regains its balance?

When our skin is oily it’s because we are overproducing androgens (male sex hormones), so it’s essential to bring the endocrine system back into balance. Facial reflexology is a fantastic tool for treating this issue, and your beauty therapist will examine imbalances in your lungs and colon, and look at your diet, digestion and breathing. Daily breathing exercises can help your skin to regain its balance, just as a diet tailored to the needs of your digestive system can do wonders. But individual treatment is required in order to personalise your diet plan. Daily massage (see Sara’s mini-guide for home massage here) is also amazing to stimulate your circulation and improve your skin’s own ability to function.


What can aggravate the condition of the skin?

Don’t deprive your skin of oils, because it needs them. When you combine your oil with moisturising skincare, the oil will penetrate deeply and it won’t leave you with greasy residue. To begin with you’ll probably feel a bit oilier than you might prefer, but after a few weeks your skin will regulate itself and begin producing less oil because its needs are being met from within.

If you think you’re shining too much, try using a good powder as a finishing touch. I recommend the rose powder from Dr. Hauschka, which contains silicon dioxide to absorb superfluous oil from your skin without disturbing its natural balance.


What are the reasons for sudden pigmentation and discolouration – and what can you do?

Sun combined with hormonal changes are the sure-fire route to pigmentation patches. They often appear along with the use of birth control pills/synthetic hormones, pregnancy and nursing – and if you go in the sun without using the proper protection.

I treat pigmentation patches like toxins that have deposited in the skin, and I work to detoxify the skin through facial reflexology. The focus is always on detoxifying the liver because it processes the toxins and medications that can affect the skin. The liver and gallbladder are also the organs that are always impacted when we experience emotional fluctuations, such as stress and change – as experienced with pregnancy and becoming a mother.

Facial reflexology is an ancient tool that many cultures, including the Indians and the Chinese, have used for self-healing. The face, like the feet, is a map of the entire body. So you can treat the entire body with precise shortcuts via your face. It’s an amazing resource suited to almost all inner imbalances. The treatment feels heavenly, and you achieve a fabulous result in the form of radiance, lifted skin and joyfulness that shows in your face.

In my experience, a combination of facial reflexology and more in-depth Green Peel treatments are the best method of correcting uneven skin tone. The Green Peel treatments are 100% plant-based with no harmful side effects, and they penetrate the deeper layers of the skin where pigmentation occurs and help flush toxins out of the body and skin tissues.


What can aggravate the condition of the skin?

More sun. Never go outdoors without using sunscreen, because you need to protect the skin year-round if you have a tendency towards pigmentation. And this applies even if you’ve had the pigmentation removed, because removal doesn’t protect you against forming new pigmentation.


Avoid oil-based skincare products, eat a healthy diet and seek help for the pigmentation

Tina Ebbesen Jensen


What are the reasons for oily skin?

People with this issue often aren’t doing anything wrong. They simply have that type of skin, and that’s just how it is.


How do I care for oily skin?

The worst thing you can do is to avoid using moisturisers. I often see people with this skin type using nothing because they think that they’re adding grease to their already oily skin. But it’s extremely important that the skin is both hydrated and protected, just with a lightweight moisturiser. Oily skin needs as much care and protection as all the other skin types.

Use a moisturiser developed for oily skin that ‘degreases’ it, making the skin matte and eliminating shine. There are loads of mattifying moisturisers that are also lightweight. But make sure to choose one without fats, because they will aggravate the skin. In addition, regular facials, a healthy diet and vitamin supplements will make a difference. Some people also experience improvement if they ramp up their dietary oil intake – adding it to smoothies, etc.


What about pigmentation, then. Why does it appear?

Often it’s old sun damage that took place years ago but which is now showing up in the form of dark patches on the skin. Pigmentation patches and uneven skin tone can also be caused by hormonal imbalances after pregnancy.


What kind of skincare can correct uneven skin tone?

Pigmentation is a skin condition, not a skin type. So you should use products developed for your skin type and always finish your skincare routine by applying sunscreen with SPF 50. Every day, all year round.

There is a wide variety of good lightening/brightening products, and fruit acid in particular can lighten dark patches and even out your complexion. Get fruit acid treatments done by a beauty therapist during the winter because you cannot expose your skin to the sun while you are undergoing treatment.

With the arrival of spring and the sun, you need to be extra careful and wear a hat as well as use sunscreen with SPF 50. Once the skin has been damaged, the patches and discolouration will reappear if you don’t use sufficient protection.


Is there anything else I can do to get rid of discolouration/pigmentation?

My best advice is to tackle the problem with fruit acid treatments, and adapt your daily skincare routine in accordance with your beauty therapist’s recommendations. Pigmentation can be very difficult to eliminate without help from a skincare expert.




Tina Ebbesen Jensen (left) owns and operates Askepot Skønhedsklinik (Cinderella Beauty Clinic) in Silkeborg, where you can get all the beauty treatments of your dreams. She has been helping women achieve beautiful skin for more than 12 years now, and she prefers to use only organic and natural products – including Rudolph Care.

Sara Jordell is a holistic skin expert, healer and bodywork therapist. She works as much with the interactions between the body’s internal systems and organs as she does with the external skin. Sara specialises in facial reflexology and connective tissue treatment – and she has also been involved in developing our unique Rudolph Care treatments.​

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