Entrepreneur Admiration: Thor Thorøe

We have reached the end of our article-series Entrepreneur Admiration, and we round it off with one last fiery soul, Thor Thorøe – founder of Social Foodies. Many might know Social Foodies for their delicious ice creams and lovely cream puffs, though there is much more to Social Foodies than the breathtaking delicacies. Social Foodies is a sustainable quality concept and a socioeconomic business that helps socially exposed through projects in Africa and Denmark. That’s admirable, and therefore we’ve asked Thor about his life, thoughts, and dreams as an entrepreneur. 

Rudolph Stories beundrer Thor Thorøe - grundlægger af Social Foodies, og vi har spurgt ham ind til livet og drømmene som iværksætter

Foto: Alona Vibe

How did it all begin?
“It all started in Africa in 2010, where I invested in a night club, which I transformed into a chocolate factory. Afterwards, a few investments in Africa followed, among other an ice cream shop in Kampala, Uganda and a dairy in Mozambique. All together these projects have helped thousands of people out of deep poverty. I very much believe in the individual human being and its abilities to survive and make a living for him/herself. So, that was the result of our projects, and the concept still lives today – we seek to change the industry by buying goods directly from minor farmers while cutting away all the expensive intermediaries. It’s a system that has survived since the very first Europeans began voyaging 500 years ago.”

Thor Thorøe fra Social Foodies er den sidste beundringsværdige iværksætter i denne omgang - på Rudolph Stories

How do you feel your passion?
“Making other people happy really lights my fire. I’m addicted to the kick I get from making quality products for my customers or buying my commodities from a farmer in need.” 

What drives you forward when you encounter resistance?
“I work my way through it, but I also need the silent runs in the forest or by the sea. Meeting positive people and feeling THEIR energy also means a lot to me.” 

Thor Thorøe er en beundringsværdig iværksætter, og Rudolph Stories har derfor portrætteret ham ud fra et par spørgsmål om livet og drømmene som iværksætter

What are your dreams for Social Foodies?
“Social Foodies will hopefully become an international brand with many stores all around the world, where young people can earn an extra penny next to their studies. The more stores, the more commodities we need from the farmers, and the wealthier they’ll become. I’d also love to connect the young people to our many ongoing African projects and open their eyes to a whole other world.” 

If you hadn’t founded Social Foodies, what would you be doing?
“I would definitely still be doing something with foods – I already have a few interesting projects up my sleeve, which are slowly starting to take shape. So, when I’ve served my duty in Social Foodies I’ll probably pursue those projects.”

What do you do to find a balance between entrepreneurship and family life?
“It’s hard. When you’re an entrepreneur, it takes up your entire private life too – you are one with your business. It’s your entire identity. Therefore, it’s also very important to make sure that the DNA of the business doesn’t differ from your own. If that happens, there’s only two opportunities – stepping out of the business, or fighting for it, as I’ve done with Social Foodies and other projects in Africa.”

Foto: Alona Vibe

Rudolph Storis beundrer Thor Thorøe som iværksætter af den bæredygtige og socioøkonomiske forretning, Social Foodies

What advice would you give others embarking on the entrepreneur path?
“Hold on to your beliefs and work hard to reach your goals.”

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Foto: Sienna Rousseau

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