Five reasons to fall in love with facial oil


There are an endless amount of good reasons for falling in love with Acai Facial Oil. Our lovely Norwegian expert, Camilla, sheds light on five of them. 

Friskplukkede acai bær

“If I was to bring only one thing to a desert island, it had to be our gorgeous facial oil”. Everyone in the Rudolph Care team eagerly recognize this statement. Acai Facial Oil is one of our many great prides in Rudolph Care. The oil is the purest of its kind and it’s simply outstanding, award-winning, organic luxury. 

Camilla’s five reasons for acai-oil-love are as follows: 

1. “The oil both moisturizes, holds on to moisture and it’s perfect for all who dream of smooth and soft skin without dryness wrinkles. The acai oil takes extra good care of your skin with its protecting qualities all year round.” 

2. “The acai oil contains essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that strengthen the skin. With a super high level of antioxidants the acai oil is perfect for embracing sgns of ageing so your skin can glow regardsles of its age.” 

3. “The acai oil gives glow from the first time it touches your skin. The acai berry's natural color and unique qualities will leave the skin heathy and radiant – as if your skin went on a tiny holiday.” 

4. “When you feel that your skin needs a little extra, take a single drop of oil and massage it into your skin for a couple of minutes – continue doing this one or two times a day. After a week your skin will feel the sensation of increased blood circulation from the massage, while the oil has worked wonders for your skin.” 

5. “All men who shave should try the acai oil right after shaving, while the skin is still moist. Just a tiny drop will leave the skin healthy and fresh”

“Oils can be used in many ways – feel your way and find your favorite method. Listen to your skin!”

You can read more about our beloved acai berry here

Rudolph Care has dedicated the fall of 2019 to focusing extra lovingly on Brazil and our work with the locals of Amaxonas. It's through fall that the harvest of the many berries begin. Therfore we've created a unique version of the popular facial oil; it's called Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition (30 ml) and contains twice as much as our regular facial oil - this means that the feeling of everyday luxury lasts twice as long. 

The total revenue from the sale of the initial 300 oils will in full be dedicated to supporting sustainable initiatives, brought forward by the local community in Amazonas. Among other things, your support helps the establishment of a plant nursery in cooperation with the local school, where the kids will be taught about cultivation of crops, composting, waste management and sustainability. 

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