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grundlæggeren af rudolph care andrea elisabeth rudolph

Name: Andrea

Age: 41

Star sign: Cancer

Favourite colour: Green

Spirit animal: I’m a Fire Dragon in the Chinese zodiac.

Favourite season: Spring, because it’s when all life begins again. When everything sprouts up, and suddenly explodes and splashes out in green. I love it.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer like my mother, and then I wanted to be a midwife and have a huge family. 

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be … (annoyingly) stubborn, energetic and caring.

I am good at … being aware of how I’m feeling.

I’m happiest when … my kids and my husband are happy.

My deepest wish is … that nothing happens to my children, and that they’re healthy and happy. It may be cheesy but it’s true.

The easiest way to make me happy is … do what I ask… No, I’m happy when I can feel that people can see the real me.

It makes me angry when …. people litter. Come on! Or when people act disrespectful and don’t behave themselves properly.


hudpleje til børn mommy and me rudolph care

The last time I cried was …. … yesterday. But it was tears of joy, because I was moved by something. It was at the breakfast table and both the boys were there. The little one sat in his high chair and Alfred was directly across. Their interaction and the love without words, the emotions expressed in their eyes – it was so beautiful. I got all choked up and tears came to my eyes. And when I looked over at Claus, he was exactly the same.

When I get mad… it doesn’t last for very long.

It pisses me off when … people are stingy. Stinginess across the board – with themselves and their money – is one of the worst qualities, in my opinion. It’s unbecoming when people worry about having to give something.

rudolph care og aiayu sommerbutik i tisvildeleje

My girlfriends mean … incredibly much to me. Because they know me so well and can give me everything that my husband and kids can’t, but which I do need. They give me lots of love, caring, inspiration, they challenge me, and I feel that my friends have my back, just as I have theirs.

The meal I remember most is … at Molskroen with my husband, when we had been dating for a year. The Michelin-starred chef Wassim Hallal was in the kitchen, and I actually don’t remember what we had – apart from lamb and pea puree – but I do remember that it was a wonderful dinner. The setting, the atmosphere, the food. I just remember it as being excellent all round. But I also have to mention my friend Simon Jul, because when he cooks dinner it is always amazingly good.

My favourite candy is … right now it’s Daim with orange flavour. And I never get tired of slightly stale marshmallow treats that are a bit dry and chewy. Or ‘Labre Larver’ (Danish sweet with liquorice in caramel – ed.).

In summer I like to drink … water and elderflower cordial.

The song that always gets me onto the dance floor … would be anything by Earth, Wind & Fire and Michael Jackson.

The thing I always take with me on holiday …my necklace with a small medallion that my parents gave me when I turned 16. It’s my lucky charm. In general I wear the jewellery that has special meaning for me. A pearl I was given when I had Isolde. A tiger’s claw for when I had Alfred, and a gold pendant that was a gift when I had the littlest one. I’m not superstitious, but they just have to be with me for everything to be okay and to make sure nothing goes wrong.

My absolute favourite city is … Rio and Rome.

Sometimes I tell white lies when … well I lie mostly to myself about how not-tired I am.

If I won a million, I would … buy myself a piece of gold and then invite my parents, in-laws and siblings on a trip. I’d love to give something back to those who have helped us so much. Our lives can stay on track because they always step in and offer assistance. Their help is an incredibly big gift that I value so highly and never take for granted. So I’d like to invite them to go somewhere sunny with us.

If my house were on fire, I would save these three things …my jewellery, photos and Christmas ornaments. Assuming that my husband and kids aren’t still inside the burning house, that is.

I spend a lot of money (maybe too much) on … ice cream. I’ve fallen in love with Kødbyens Is, which serves some very expensive and very delicious ice cream.

I would like to become better at … live life more according to a schedule. Because then many things would be done better, all at once. I imagine that life would be a little simpler if you do regular things on regular days, because I’d just know that we do a certain thing every Tuesday. Food planning, for example. I think that it’s so unbearably dull – however, it would probably make a lot of things much easier.

When I get old, I want to … spend a lot of time on (hopefully) being a grandmother. And I know it’s crazy that at such a young age I’m looking forward to being a grandmother, but I do. And I’ll also use blue tint on my hair. In general I will really try to get out of the house and cultivate my friendships, keep travelling and take the stairs and keep myself active. It’s my greatest fear to become someone who just sits at home and watches life pass by.

andrea rudolph blandt økologisk hårpleje rudolph care

My proudest achievement is … creating Rudolph Care, absolutely. That I created something from scratch, took an idea and made it into something that inspires others. And what I’m experiencing now is something that makes a difference to other people. Brings them joy and value. It’s so uplifting.


SØD TØS for you and your friends  

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Foto: Lindhardt & Ringhof & private


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