Meet the new giftboxes filled with glow and concern

Christmas sneaks up on both you and Rudolph Care as we with great pride present this year’s gift boxes. This year they are designed and created by Andrea’s sister, textile designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph, and have a beautiful and abstract design. Årets julegaveæsker fra Rudolph Care 2018


True to tradition we launch two Christmas gift boxes filled with loving and pampering care for both face and body. Welcome Be Bodylicious and Sparkle Like a Star

Be Bodylicious contains three products which will make your body glow. The products are Acai Body Scrub, Acai Body Lotion and Golden Kiss Body Oil, and you should use the products in this exact order. Use the exfoliating body scrub when showering; turn off the water, let the skin air dry a bit and massage the amber-coloured gel into the skin. Turn on the water and feel how the nourishing scrub melts on your body as a moisturizing lotion. Follow with the moisture drenching Acai Body Lotion and feel how the skin is soft and smooth. Finally, you can use Golden Kiss Body Oil on top of your body lotion – the glowing oil will bring extra loving care to your skin and nonetheless make it shine with its shimmering mineral. 

Sparkle Like a Star contains four face products which will literally give you a star-like radiance. The products are Acai Facial Scrub Mask, Acai Cleansing Milk, Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil and the self-tanner A Hint of Summer. You can use the gentle cleansing milk both morning and evening. It will both cleanse and moisturize your skin, which makes it an extraordinary cleansing product during the winter months, where the skin dries out faster. After cleansing your skin it’s time for face cream. Try and mix your preferred moisturizer with 1-2 pumps of the organic self-tanner, A Hint of Summer. When using A Hint of Summer it’s crucial that your skin is evenly exfoliated, and therefore the giftbox naturally also contains the scrubbing to-in-one cleanser Acai Facial Scrub Mask. Use the moisturizing scrub mask once or twice a week by massaging it gently into your face, potentially leaving it on for 15-20 minutes, and finally washing it off with tepid water. The last product in the gift box is our award-winning darling, Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil. You can use the vitalising facial oil by itself – use ½-1 pumps and massage it thoroughly, though gently, into your skin until absorbed. If you’re not into using pure oil on your face, you can also mix a single drop of the precious oil with your preferred day and/or night cream. 

Gaveæsker som smuk opbevaring

The beautiful boxes are certified with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and consist of 100% recycled material. On top of that we hope that the boxes will garnish the home as decorative storage after the gift is given. When Cecilie created the colourful print it was with inspiration from the colours of the acai berry and how you apply Rudolph Care products layer by layer on the skin. 

We’re very proud of this year’s boxes, and we hope that they’ll spread joy, warmth, and nonetheless a whole lot of glow during the sweet Christmas time. 

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