Glow-guarantee with the natural mineral mica

It’s time to throw a little glitter after your everyday life after a long summer, and therefore we’ll tell a bit about mica, which guarantees a bright summer glow. Mica er et naturligt glitrende mineral, som er at finde i flere Rudolph Care produkter - det garanterer et lækkert shine og liv til din sommerglød

We’re always looking for an excuse for glitter and shine, though most often we figure that life itself is reason enough. Mica is our direct source to instant radiance and the shimmering ingredient is therefore in multiple Rudolph Care products. 

In Rudolph Care the natural option is always of high priority, and therefore all of our products contain pure and natural ingredients. We use nothing but the best from nature, and therefore we use mica, which is a natural and easy degradable mineral that doesn’t harm us nor the environment. 

Golden Kiss Body Oil Emballage og Produkt

Among our products you’ll find four with the shimmering, natural mineral – Golden Kiss Body Oil, Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet, and our two sunscreens, Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition SPF 15 + 30

Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition SPF 15 + 30 and Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet are perfect, if you wish to protect and care for your skin in and after the sun – read much more about the shimmering sun series here.

Golden Kiss Body Oil is our award-winning Acai Body Oil with mica added, and therefore it’s a nourishing body oil that ensures smooth and fully moisturised skin. Golden Kiss Body Oil is also a gorgeous glitter-boost on top of your body lotion. And for even more shimmer and shine you should try padding it onto temples, cheekbones, and collarbone. 

Husk at beskytte din hud i sensommersolen - med shimmer-serien fra Rudolph Care kan du både beskytte dig og give din sommerglød masser af liv med et gyldent touch

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