Glow guide #2: Own your glow from within


That warm glow, your skin feels so comfy in, also comes from within. Try Smooth Operator Serum

Glow is much more than immediate radiation on your skin. Glow comes just as much from within. The deeper skin layers on your face is in fact your glow’s foundation and for that reason it’s never not a good idea to start your skincare routine with deep nourishment.

For that Smooth Operator is what you need. Because not only does it live up to its name by smoothing your fresh clean skin, it also penetrates deeper than your day cream, for example. Thanks to the natural ingredient, Acacia Senegal Gum. Acacia Senegal Gum is an ingredient that’s composed by plant roots and tree bark that together make up the powerful ingredient.

In Smooth Operator Serum you’ll also find organic apricot seed oil that boosts the skin’s elasticity, and nonetheless acai – both as oil and extract – which refuels your skin on nourishment and especially antioxidants. 


Apply Smooth Operator underneath your day cream – never on its own. A particularly good match for the late summer sun is using Sun Face Cream on top of the serum. 

Aktiv, udglattende serum med naturlig primer effekt fra Rudolph Care
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