Glow guide #3: Nourishment, care and natural golden glitter


It’s time to shine in your late-summer-glow.Økologisk certificeret og svanemærket kropsolie med guldglimmer fra Rudolph Care

Many Rudolph Care products are good for glow – but this lady ranks high. Golden Kiss Body Oil is for when the glitter account need extra credit and your skin is to be shown off – at a party or at home on any other Tuesday. ​

Golden Kiss Body Oil

Golden Kiss Body Oil is our luxurious body oil that we’ve added a little extra exclusivity with the natural shimmering mineral, mica. The oil is a combination of luxurious and delicate oils; a vegetable oil and four organic oils:

Acai oil – revitalizes and renews the skin. 

Olive oil – adds moisture and has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.

Jojoba oil – supports the skin’s natural elasticity, making it soft and supple.

Sweet almond oil – protects, nourishes and softens the skin.

Use the glowing oil on its own or on top of your body lotion – especially arms and legs, chest, shoulders and in fact your cheek bones and the skin above your eye lids, where it’ll work as a highlighter. 


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