Go Green #2 – bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport

Are you going out flying? Then this Go Green tip might be just for you. Read on and learn a bit more about how you can limit your plastic consumption while traveling. 

Rudolph Care guides you to a greener way of flying - spare yourself and the environment with our go green tip


You’ve probably noticed them – the big bins filled up with plastic bottles by the entrance to the security area in the airport. We want to make these bins much smaller, while we generally dream about minimizing plastic’s effect on our environment.

Our tip to the flying travellers is therefore to bring your own empty water bottle to the airport – it both minimizes your plastic consumption and spares your bank account from using money on water, which you can get (almost) free of charge from the tap. 

A water bottle might not sound very sexy, but we actually think it is! One of our favourites comes from American BKR, who make beautiful reusable water bottles in glass as an antidote to the overconsumption of plastic bottles.


We wish you all a lovely and green day!

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