Go Green #3: How to recycle your Rudolph Care packaging correctly

Det er nemt at affaldssortere din Rudolph Care emballage korrekt - vi guider dig til det på Rudolph Stories

Waste sorting is an important matter, because it’s the way to fully exploit the resources that still hides in our waste. Read on, when we guide you through how to waste sort your Rudolph Care packaging properly. 

All Rudolph Care products are certified with The Nordic Ecolabel, which sets stringent environmental requirements on all phases of a product’s life cycle – including the packaging. Among other, it’s a requirement that the packaging must be separable and easy to sort correctly – so, naturally our packaging meet that requirement.

Our packaging consist of cardboard, plastic, and glass, and therefore these are the waste categories that you must sort them into. Some products have packaging that consists of nothing but plastic, while others have a combination of plastic and glass – and these you must separate and sort individually. 

Husk at skille din emballage ad når den er tom - så kan du sortere materialerne korrekt hver for sig

But wait, plastic? 

Yes, some of our packaging solutions contain of plastic only – and plastic is actually not bad, as long as we handle it correctly. For example, plastic becomes a very tricky problem, if it’s dropped in our surroundings and end up in the ocean. Careful and thoughtful handling of plastic and waste in general is therefore something we deeply encourage everyone to pursue. 

Every municipality has its own system

Waste handling is a thing that’s hard to generalise, because almost all of us have different systems and facilities to get rid of our waste. Waste handling systems can vary from municipality to municipality, and even more from country to country – some sort hard plastic (and not the soft plastic), while others have to go all the way to the recycling plant to dispose of their waste correctly. No matter if you can sort all your waste directly from your main door, or if you have to go to the recycling plant to sort it properly, we hope that you take care of your trash responsibly. We’ve made it as easy as possible to distinguish the material and separate it from one another, and we hope that you’ll take good care of our packaging and handle it properly – that would make us so happy!

Når din emballage er tømt gør du naturen og dig selv en tjeneste, hvis du affaldssorterer den korrekt - vi guider til hvordan du kan gøre netop det med din Rudolph Care emballage
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