Love, a wakeup call, and 16.000 paper flowers

Get to know the artist Veronica Hodges on Rudolph Stories today. Read on as she tells about her enchanting and mind-blowing art installation, Cherish, which you can experience right now in the Marble Church of Copenhagen. Cherish i Marmorkirken

Scenographer and artist Veronica Hodges has created Cherish, which is an expression of a heartfelt wish for more love and affection for our planet. Therefore, Cherish is not just a random name, as Veronica genuinely wishes for us to cherish our planet. Physically Cherish unfolds in 16.000 paper flower that right now hang from the Marble Church’s ceiling decorating the church room. Veronica’s art installation should remind us that we’re a part of nature and that we should love and care for it while we still have it. 

In Rudolph Care we share many of the same visions as Veronica seeks to express though the art installation, and therefore we’re quite fascinated in her way of merging her agenda with art. 

In Rudolph Care we also care for nature and nonetheless mankind, which we express in our products that neither harm you nor your surroundings. We believe that our planet should be cherished and looked after, and we love that Veronica have chosen to tell that story with her 16.000 paper flowers. 

Veronica Hodges og sin installation Cherish

How did the idea for the installation come to you? 
“The idea for the art installation grew from a heartfelt desire to make a change. A desire to use my own voice within the world of art, and to create debate and awareness on this crucial topic; how do we take better care of our planet? Sometimes I wake up feeling deeply anxious thinking about if we’re doing enough. If enough is done about climate change, plastic in the oceans, and the undermining of our resources. Pollution, waste, animals suffocating and dying. And human beings who think that they can buy their way out of anything. So, the installation is a recognition of the graceful. I have a constant wish to make a positive change, so we through love and appreciation find the desire to preserve what’s beautiful. 
Cherish is not an accusing finger pointed at what we’re doing wrong, as it’s supposed to create awareness on the positive and give hope for change – because it’s quite simple. If we lose the beauty in this world, it’s no longer Planet Earth.”

Kunstinstallationen Cherish i Marmorkirken

Marmorkirken prydet med Cherish blomster

Cherish - en kunstinstallation af Veronica Hodges i Marmorkirken

How much time did you spend creating Cherish?
“Specifically, we’ve spend 4-5 months creating the 16.000 paper flowers. Though, I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone, as the project is based on voluntary work. I’ve involved Krebs’ Skole on Østerbro and Gefion Gymnasium, along with students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Furthermore I’ve received so many helping hands from men and women who’ve had the time and desire to help. I must admit that I was quite nervous that we wouldn’t succeed. I started a project and I didn’t know when it would end, or if it would end in time. Luckily it all went well. Thank you to everyone who participated and made the flowers bloom through considerate and heartfelt love.” 

Cherish i Marmorkirken

How do you think Cherish can foster a more sustainable way of living?
“In my work with art I’m very inspired by the gracefulness of nature and its rhythm. I have a great love for our nature and Mother Earth. So, the worst thing for me is to see things fall out of balance. I think that we’re so privileged and lucky to be able to inhabit this beautiful planet. And nonetheless being a human being from a western country also gives me a feeling of responsibility. Everything doesn’t revolve around how my life can get better, but how I use my life to give life. I hope that people will approach the installation and think “Wow, it’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s an impossible project”, and let themselves inspire and also start impossible projects that will bring people together in a behavior-changing manner. Being grateful for the gifts that we’re receiving and giving something back. Mother Earth is a living organism, and if we bother her too much she’ll react – and we already see signs thereof. I just don’t want to see everything get out of control. And if it happens, I hope that we as human beings are willing to adapt and cease the challenge – but we cannot do so, if we don’t talk about what we should do better before it happens. I believe that we stand before a collective wakeup call, and that’s what we need if we should change paths together.” 

You can experience Veronica’s art installation, Cherish, until the middle of November, and you can read a bit about the opening hours here

If you want to know more about Veronica Hodges, you can learn more here.

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