Lovely like Emma Leth

Have you considered changing anything during your pregnancy and how are you taking care of your body?

My due date is at the end of November and I stopped modelling when I was about 4-5 months along. Naturally, this was because my belly and breasts had become a lot larger than they usually are, but it’s also because the last thing I want now is strangers handling my body. This is my first pregnancy, so everything is very new and very personal, and it takes time to get used to.

I’m currently working on a documentary for which I am doing the cinematography. It’s a bit hard on the arms, but apart from that it’s absolutely fine, and I’m considering continuing with it right up until my due date. I eat a lot of vegetables and actually not as much meat as I usually would. I’ve also always had a sweet tooth, which I have definitely kept. I simply do not want to stop eating sweets ever; I enjoy it too much to give it up. I’m particularly addicted to chocolate fondant. Lately I've needed a lot more sleep than normal, and I’m allowing myself to take afternoon naps – I need it. I also go to special pregnancy yoga classes, which is kind of funny because I’ve never done yoga before. I was always a runner, and I need to get used to the difference.


Do you have any special rituals or tricks that you use when you are feeling super stressed?

Just lying down and sleeping usually helps. Or being in nature. I take a lot of walks because we have two large dogs. The walks give me a great opportunity to reflect and think, while also getting some exercise. Usually I am quite social, but during my pregnancy I’ve had a greater need to pull back and orient within myself. If I forget to do this stress can quickly build up, so it’s really important that I remember to take the time. I’ve also started to take ice-cold baths in the morning. It’s wonderful and it helps to relieve the heaviness I feel in my body.

What does self-care mean to you?

Having the time, peace and quiet to be alone. Time to read books and delve into the things that interest me. As soon as I forget to do it, I get burned out and stressed. Going to the country and spending time at the summer house is like balm to my soul, and ever since I was little, I’ve loved to just root around in the dirt and feel the grass under my bare feet. 


What was your best spa experience and what made it special?

I’m not a big spa person, but when I’m on holiday I may spend some time in a spa because I’m relaxed and already in the environment. Once, in Mauritius, I spent an entire day in a spa. It was quite fabulous, but probably mostly because the view across the turquoise-blue sea was so gorgeous. I think that for me, before I can relax, I have to already be relaxed in order to get into it and be present. I can’t just walk in off the street – I simply won’t get anything out of it.

Which is your favourite Rudolph Care product?

I can’t choose just one, because I have two! Acai Facial Oil is absolutely the only product I use on my face, and it’s been gradually going that way for some years now. I rarely use makeup, so the oil is a fantastic way to keep my skin hydrated and soft. And it actually works sort of like makeup, because it makes the face shine and look radiant. I really don’t know what I would do without it. 

I’m also addicted to the Body Balm. If I really want to pamper my body, I smooth it on in a thick layer after my bath, and then I walk around nude and sticky until it’s all absorbed into my skin. 


Foto: Oscar Meyer, Instagram


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