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Mix & match your body lotion and facial cream with delicate oils. Økologisk og Svanemærket hudpleje

It’s the season of temperature shifts and it can leave your skin in trouble. Are you feeling any changes? Help your skin out by inviting more nourishment into your skin. 

To many body lotion is an inevitable part of the routine. Especially after a shower, where the warm water and the soap can dry out the skin. The colder temperatures during fall can also be a challenge to your skin, and some might even feel that their body lotion falls short. Luckily, the solution is luxurious and simple; Acai Body Oil

Mix your body lotion with 1-2 doses of Acai Body Oil and feel how your skin becomes more moist, supple, nourished, and protected. Acai Body Oil consists of 5 organic oils that will give you what your skin craves. 

Økologisk kropsolie

You can also boost your facial cream with oil. Try mixing it up with a single drop of Acai Facial Oil for a healthy glow and even more nourishment. 

If you’re not a fan of oil you can invite a serum into your routine. Especially our Firming Perfector Serum is good at retaining and adding moisture to the skin because of its two hyaluronic acids. In general our two serums are great skin miracle workers no matter the season. Find both facial oil and serum here

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