Go Green #4: Natural and biodegradable chewing gum

Chewing gum is for many people an essential element of the everyday life, which we don’t pay much attention to. We wish to challenge this mindset. Read how you can become a greener consumer through your choice of gum. 

Natur i Vejby

Do you even know what a piece of gum contains? No? We get that. Neither did we before the people behind True Gum told us a bit about it. True Gum is a 100% natural, biodegradable, and vegan certified chewing gum, and is therefore an important and green alternative to conventional gum. 

The majority of all regular chewing gum is produced on a synthetically developed rubber-base. This means that the chewing gum doesn’t degrade if it lands on the street or in nature. Besides, many gum products contain questioned chemistry, which can have a negative effect on the one that chews it. Both scenarios are problematic, and therefore True Gum have created a sustainable alternative. It’s produced in Denmark, free from unwanted chemicals, and it’s all natural and biodegradable – in other words; it’s safe for both you and the environment.

Many of our core values in Rudolph Care resemble the ones of True Gum, and we love that more and more join the sustainability-club with new, innovative products that care for both people and the planet. 

We would love it if people knew more about green alternatives like this one, so therefore in cooperation with True Gum we’ll add a package of the natural gum to every web-shop order on www.rudolphcare.com

This campaign is valid throughout September from 14.09.2018 – as long as stocks last.

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