A natural and glossy look with Rudolph Care


… we don’t do makeup (yet), but we do have something just as good.

You can glow and shine in many ways with our products, though especially four of them are excellent for a natural, glossy look on your cheekbones and temples. The products are Acai Lip Balm, Acai Facial Oil, Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet and Golden Kiss Body Oil and they’ll all give you a different glow experience. 

Acai Lip Balm & Acai Facial Oil are the most discreet and neutral highlighters of the four. Pat a few drops of facial oil or a tiny bit of balm onto your cheekbones and temples as a final step in your makeup routine - and feel how it both does your skin good while giving you natural radiance. Læbebalsam fra Rudolph Care

Ren acaiolie fra Rudolph Care - Acai Facial Oil


Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet and Golden Kiss Body Oil are a bit louder on gloss and glow, but they don’t do it quite the same way. What they have in common is that they’re both enriched with the natural mineral mica that gives the shimmering effect.  Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet has a gel-like texture and is absorbed quickly when you dap it onto your cheekbones and temples – where Golden Kiss Body Oil is much richer, giving your cheekbones shine from both its organic oils and the natural mineral. 


So, even though we don’t do makeup yet, we still know glow and shine – and we hope that you’ll find your new highlighter favorite in our skincare universe. 

Glitrende aftersun fra Rudolph Care

Kropsolie med guldglimmer fra Rudolph Care
The four highlighters
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